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The guys over at Media Mall have made some major improvements to the Play On media streaming software.  Play On now has two different versions, Play On Lite is the free version that will stream Pandora, YouTube and your local media.  Play On Premium is the newest version, but it comes with a new price tag.  Premium will cost you a one-time fee of $39.99 or you can pay a monthly subscription of $4.99.  Here is a closer look at the services that you will get with Play On Premium.

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Hulu, Netflix, Comedy Central, BET,, Amazon Instant Video, ESPN3, Nick,, NFL Rewind, Spike TV, TBS, The Ultimate Fighter, PBS, PBS Kids,, MTV, and Vevo.  All of these services are available to premium subscribers.  Here is how this works.

Play is an application for your Windows PC that will stream internet content to your PS3, Xbox 360 or any other DLNA streaming device.  Install the application on your home PC.  The install wizard will walk you through the initial set-up and allow you to choose the channels that you wish to display on your streaming device.  In this tab you will also be able to enter your information for Hulu accounts, YouTube Channels, and Netflix accounts.

Play On Channel Set Up Booya Gadget

Play On Channel Set Up Booya Gadget

If you have any interest in sharing your viewing habits with your social networks, Play On has added this feature as well.  Status updates will automatically be sent from your Play On App.  Now your Myspace, Facebook and Twitter friends can monitor your channel watching habits.

Play On Social Network Set Up Booya Gadget (1)

Play On Social Network Set Up Booya Gadget (1)

Once you have everything set-up to your liking, you can head on down to your media streaming device.  Search for servers on your device and then follow the menu structure to your channel of choice.  I have been using this service since the beginning and I love it.  I use it to stream loads of content to my PS3.

Currently it is the only way to watch ESPN3 and Amazon content on your PS3 and it works.  And for Remote Play users on their PSP, Play On does not block services like Netflix and Hulu from streaming to your portable device over Remote Play.

Services like Amazon have made major adjustments to their streaming service.  Now called Amazon Instant Video, users can rent or purchase the latest new releases in TV and Movies.  In addition, Amazon Prime Members can now stream over 5,000 titles for free with your Prime subscriptions.   Prime subscriptions are 79 dollars annually and at that price makes this a service to keep an eye on, plus you get free 2 day shipping on any order you make with Amazon.

Play On software is available at their website.

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  1. BooyaCuz says:

    Not sure why you never pushed this harder on me. i’m finally testing it out tonight in my own Booya Crib. Handbrake was the other app you never pushed on me.

    • BooyaTRJ says:

      Trust me I did. I don’t think you had much of a use for it, but now you have the Xoom……now you can stream Netflix to that tablet.