Watch movies in the car from a usb drive

Watch Movies in the Car with USB Flash Drive

Movie Playing in my truck off of a USB Flash Drive

BooyaGadget really loves working with music and video streaming anywhere we go… I really like being mobile, so I have some features I must have when it comes to vehicles.   This quick video shows you the usb video setup I use in my truck. The key for my setup is to have a video ready Head Unit with USB input. I roll the JVC Kamelion, but you do have options for your budget, if you take some time to search for your features and read some reviews.

So, here’s a quick snippet of Family Guy – Blue Harvest off my Patriot Magnum 64GB Usb Thumb drive I format my movies for the max resolution for my head unit, and prefer using AVI files.

Note:  It is illegal ( and friggin dangerous like txt messaging ) to drive with the movie playing, please don’t do it !



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