Best PSP Game: Beats – Turn your Music into a Rhythm Game

Best PSP Game Beats

Best PSP Game Beats

The PSPgo comes stocked with a 16gb internal memory card, with an additional slot for you to slide in another 16gb of space.  Now you are sitting on a 32gb PSP and have loaded it with games, movies and music.  Well now you can put that music to work in the for of Beats.  A downloadable game that turns your music into a button mashing Rhythm game.
  • Gameplay
Much like Parapa the Rappa, or any old school DDR game.  Beats uses its beat tracking technology to make your music come to life.  You will be crushing squares, circles and triangles to the beat of your favorite songs.  So you can do all this and the price is only $4.99, but you do have to spare 250mb for the download.
  • Impressions
I really do enjoy this game and I must say that if it wasn’t for it’s download size this game would be sitting right next to the Minis in the store.  The game does a great job of tracking your music and really does feel as if you are playing a quality rhythm game.

A nice features are that you don’t have to keep playing or play well for that matter.  The game will just continue, which is nice if you decide at some point to just listen to the song.  One feature that is missing are playlists.  Would be nice to set up a playlist and head into the game, if your intent is to listen to your music, while casually playing the game, it would be nice not to have to dive back to the menu after each song.

Overall, it’s a quality experience and worth the five bucks. Booya!

Watch this video to see Beats in action!

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  1. BooyaGadget says:

    Beats is a good way to pass the time, I like that you can use Any Music. Pretty cool. Maybe I'll use it at my next dental appt.