How to Record and Analyze your Golf Swing like SwingVision

Do you like to Golf, and want to drop that handicap? Yes, rhetorical question!

There is no better training that to actually see yourself swing, and if you own an expensive HD or even non-HD camera you should absolutely record your own swing. It does not take long, and you can do it in your backyard. Compare your swing to the professionals and thank us later.

However, even if you’re not a golfer you can use the High Speed Recording feature of any camera to capture slow-mo action. Could be other sports, like football,baseball or basketball. Even parents can use it to make a cool video of their children, just depends on the stuff you do. Bottom line, test the feature out, you don’t need the fancy-dancy video editing programs like Sony Vegas
and Adobe to do this.

We both agree, it’s time to put yourself on SportsCenter FINALLY !

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