MyTouch 3G Slide Crazy Simple YouTube Viewing

I am loving the T-Mobile myTouch 3G Slide Androidalready after just an hour !One reason I got this was for improved online video viewing. My BlackBerry Curve struggled a bit in this arena. But the myTouch Slide performs wonderfully. So here’s an image and a video showing you how slick the YouTube connection options are.

In this video, I show you 2 quick ways to open YouTube. First is through the applications menu, the second is using the GENIUS mode and verbally commanding “Open Youtube”

I cannot wait to test this device even more and really make it dance so subscribe or follow us for more videos and walkthroughs on the TMobile myTouch 3G Slide and other gadgets.

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Cost: Free on myTouch Slide 3G
Real Life purpose: Yes, as a Blackberry Curve convert, this makes my eyes rain.
speed/time : Yes, it’s fast.
cool factor : You have to be able to pull up a tight YouTube Video on demand.. Smart phone 101
Easy? : Simple, open the app, or use genius Mode “Open Youtube” .. Slick.
Dependable? : Works great. Loads fast, nice quality on your smart phone.
Size/Weight? : Application.. Lightweight download.

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About the Author: I'm am a multi-platform tech enthusiast with Droid, Windows, and Mac / iOS, and some Linux and Raspberry Pi etc.. Published a few windows phone apps, and android apps. I love tech and gadgets. Professionally I typically work in I.T. as a SQL developer.

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  1. BooyaGadget says:

    Lol. Every phone you ever buy will "be the one just before the next model". You can't avoid it. I'm a tmobile guy too, I won't switch cause it's been 10 years and I'm satisfied. What I do is I shop for FEATURES. Forget everything else, what do you need the phone to do. Only you can answer that.

    My experience so far: scared of touch only phones, so the MyTouch 3G slide gives you a mix of touch screen and qwerty keyboard. I use both. Since I toasted my blackberry curve, the youtube experience and internet browsing has made me smile ! How do you use your phones, and will the myTouch 3G slide fill all your needs ? In my case, yes.

    I have not tested "work email" yet, but that is a tough question because it depends on how your work has their email setup. In my case, my real job uses outlook. I will test it out and reply back via video demo… keep an eye on our vids and blog or subscribe/follow.

  2. Anonymous says:

    we are tmobile people. I've got the dash and my wife has some POS I don't even know what it is. Is this phone worth switching to? Handles work email okay? problem i have with phones is that i always seem to get one right before a new model comes one.