New Gadgets Today: HD PVR and MyTouch Slide

So, today we’re getting 2 new gadgets to play with.

1. The popular Hauppauge HD-PVR
Purpose: Replace Dazzle, and record Playstation and PSP video in High Def

2. NEW MyTouch Slide from TMobile
Purpose: Replacing my trustworthy Blackberry Curve 8900

We’ll definitely shoot a couple unbox videos, and for the Hauppauge HD-PVRi’ll probably add extra footage of how to set it up. To stay up to date with our vids and blog please subscribe with your preferred social media tool !

Very excited to play with these 2 new fun gadgets ! BooyaGadget be running a lot of tests for advanced useage tips and demos !

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  1. BooyaGadget says:

    I hate waiting for packages. I'm more patient at christmas than looking out the window for UPS dude.