PS3 Eye Create and firmware 3.4 World’s Best Demo

PS3 EYE special effects medley tutorial

PS3 EYE special effects medley tutorial

I really had fun making this video.Outside of the brief intro, we made this video 100% using PS3’s Eye Create Software.

Nobody has made such a comprehensive video. We’re pumping out lots of PlayStation Eyeinformation in anticipation of the PS3 Move.
Have fun, don’t be afraid to dance a little during the video.

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About the Author: Booya TRJ is the graphics, news and Sony maniac. A former college track athlete, who now live vicariously through his NCAA football team. If he's not ten years deep in his dynasty then you might catch him rolling some Little Big Planet or polishing of the next adventure in the Uncharted Series.

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  1. Dean2663 says:

    The PS3 Eye that I got with the Move bundle is extremely grainy. It’s barely legible. I can’t imagine taking any video or pics with it. I’ve tried adjusting the lights. I can’t find any focusing buttons or wheels. It seems to track my movents great in games though. Do you think I got a lemon or is there something I can adjust or download to fix it? Thanks

    • Booya Gadget says:

      Weird, my Eye didn’t have that issue although it’s not from a bundle.
      Lighting is definitely Key, my best has been simply using natural sunlight. I have seen some VERY grainy shots from the Eye specifically with my Sports Champions victory poses. It has been caused from poor lighting. The “Focusing” is done by twisting the camera’s lense area which will switch between Wide and Narrow shots. Every game so far has told me to use the WIDE angle, which I can’t remember if it’s red or blue. I suppose it’s possible you got a lemon, but to me it just screams lighting.
      Test Voice Chat, Test Eye Create ( ps download free ). My Voice Chat graphically using the eye was actually impressive. Another quick sanity is to check if there’s any plastic on the lens from it being new etc..

      • Dean2663 says:

        When I access the eye through the XMB settings it is very clear, but when I calibrate it at the start of the game or victory poses its very grainy under the same lighting conditions. I googled it and other seem to be saying the same thing. Seems like normal operation. I will try the things you suggested. Thanks

        • Booya Gadget says:

          Renzo, I totally get it. I too can confirm exactly what you described.

          If you look at Booya TRJ’s ping pong summary article, we have a few “decent” pictures of myself ( Booya Cuz ) in the Victory Pose.
          However, since you get it, I can confirm that I de-selected the pictures that looked like crap, and a few did, but in my experience it was abslutely Daylight which proved to be the best source of light. What you can also do is just replay the Trophy Cup Match, and when it comes time for the Victory Pose, just test it right then and there with 3 kinds of light:

          1: natural sunlight if possible
          2: decent amount of fake light
          3: if still blows, then a great amount of light.

          Don’t get me wrong, We’ve made almost 100 Booya Videos, and personally I have made about 50 for editing practice, so very obviously, light is King.I also own 2 sets of 1k watt lights of course, so I can make good booya for y’all !

          It’s weird man, you just have to fart around with it. What you described as a Grainy Picture, I have experienced the exact same, and it blows.
          The best pics are what you see in our Ping-Pong Summary article to gather your own metrics.

          I would care much less about the sketchy pic quality of Sports Champions was available online Multiplayer. ( at least let me compare scores with my BFF’s Geeeeeze ! )

          Booya Cuz