Review: Hulu Plus using PS3 Playstation Plus

OK, It’s slick, so are you willing to pay $9.99 per month ? Hulu Plus is definitely a service to consider. It looks nice and performs well, and will only get better. So It really depends on your budget, and your TV watching Lifestyle.. I’m not ready to cancel Netflix yet, but you could return your Cable Provider PVR, which carries a $10-$15 monthly fee. That’s another interesting approach if you wanted to try it but were on a budget.

Remember, If you want to roll Hulu Plus on the PS3, you’ll also need to forkout extra dough for the Playstation Plus membership although that does provide many other benefits.

Membership Acceptance Email Pic:

I will be testing it for a few months to see what shakes out, but i’m ultimately waiting for the ability to use HuluPlus on my Android myTouch 3G Slide. That could separate Hulu Plus from the pack. ( unless Netflix unleashes a mobile app first ) Hulu Plus get’s Hulu’s foot in the door as we eventually slide away from traditional coax cable, and deeper into internet television like with Netflix and eventually GoogleTV.

Detailed Review and Walkthrough Video

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