3 Cool ways to use a Hauppauge 950q TV Antenna

Hauppauge 950q Watch High Def TV Booya Gadget

Hauppauge 950q Outside

If you watch a lot of sporting events or other TV here’s how you can build a setup using the Hauppauge 950Q to watch the games on up to 3 TV screens, outside, or even on the road from your vehicle ! Best part is that I turned my cable off months ago, all i’m using are HighDef antennas and I’m getting the largest sporting events available on basic channels like ABC,NBC, and CBS. I LOVE IT !

How much do you pay for cable ? I pay ZERO DOLLARS PER MONTH !  I just use these little Antenna and it gives me the basic stations in High Def.   In the video demonstration, I show you how I use the Hauppauge 950q in 3 cool ways.

First, I use it to cast the World Cup game on 3 different screens in my living room.

Secondly, I take it outside.  Watching TV outside is sweet, and it’s a sweet Tech-Showoff for your next Sporting Event gathering !

Third, I show you how you can use an antenna in your vehicle, if you go camping or tailgating, you would be the coolest person there busting out your Cable in High Def !

For this demo, i’m using an LG Flatron M237WD(newer models available like this LG W2340VG), Hauppauge 950Q, and Phillips MANT510



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