Zxing Barcode Scanner App barcode scanner Review for Android

The Zxing Barcode Scanner is worth it, but likely used only once in a while. I think scanning barcodes is like popping bubble rap, pop-its and getting your first Label Maker.

I found myself scanning anything I could around the house. But in Real Life, would I use this ? Yes, I would. It’s not going to change your life, but it can be used as a utility application in your everyday life.

Video Review

Try our your own barcode scanner right now. Grab your phone, open your default Barcode Scanner App and scan this QR code.. Then grab the nearest “thing” in your house with a barcode and give it a test for yourself, it’s Fun.
[qrcodetag size=150/]

Booya Gadget’s Ratings
Cost: Free on myTouch Slide 3G
Real Life purpose: Yes, I would use this occasionally for shopping. But not often.
speed/time : Yes, it’s fast.
cool factor : Ehh, maybe not cool, but thought provoking.
Easy? : Simple, open the app, and scan horizontally. BEEP
Dependable? : Works great, clean your lens or it will blur the scanning.
Size/Weight? : Not applicable for physical size, but it’s a lightweight download.

RATING: 4/7 Booyas


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