Blockbuster Games By Mail *UPDATE*

As I promised an update to the Blockbuster-games-by-mail.

It appears there are some fine print details to the Blockbuster video game mail service. Today “Red Dead Redemption” became available to my queue, but it appears that its delay was not due to the launch of the new service, instead it was due to the New Release delay the Blockbuster is imposing.

I found this tidbit over at the Blockbuster blog.

“The reason we choose to implement delays for some new games is so we could add games without raising the price of our Blockbuster By Mail plans. Due to the cost of new games, we couldn’t include them immediately upon release and still maintain our current prices.”
David Callaway on August 17, 2010 9:25 am

So now that “Red Dead Redemption” is ready to ship this morning I will keep a close watch on how long it takes to actually show up in my mailbox.

*UPDATE* Blockbuster shipped the game today.

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