MyTouch 3G Slide OTA MR update (not 2.2 froyo)

Here’s the link to the post I received via TXT message just tonight.

I’ll stay up late to see if I can get the update at midnight.  Personally, I tend to like most updates.  Benefits of NOT hacking your system.  We try to get the most out of our devices without dangerous hacks !  This is not a life changing update, but there may very well be some tangible benefits from this. I’m all for it.

Here is the post, available from the TMobile Forums..

Beginning August 4, T-Mobile will send an over-the-air (OTA) update to myTouch 3G Slide customers, which will provide a number of benefits, including increased battery performance and enhancements to software features such as Faves Gallery and Genius Button. This is not an update to the Android operating system (i.e. This is not Froyo/Android version 2.2).

The update will be sent to customers beginning August 4 and we anticipate all customers will receive it by August 19. Customers will be notified of the OTA via a free SMS text message from T-Mobile.

The timeline for receiving the OTA cannot be expedited. T-Mobile will be unable to manually push the software to customers who ask to receive it before August 19.

Improvements included with this update are as follows:

1.  Battery Life:

  • Updates to the T-Mobile online contact backup connection, which will improve battery life.

    2.  Wi-Fi:

    • Ability to send MMS messages when connected to Wi-Fi. 

      3.  Genius Button improvements:

        • Ability to turn GPS on and off using your voice, such as “Turn GPS on.”
        •  Will announce Caller ID for incoming voice calls and allow you to “Answer” or “Ignore” using your voice.
        •  Will announce incoming text messages and allow you to “reply” with dictation.

        4.  Faves Gallery improvements:

        • The Faves icon will be displayed beside notifications that appear while the device is locked to indicate that the communication is coming from one of your Faves.
        • Fave photo display speed will be enhanced.
        • General stability will be improved, including more seamless scrolling and consistent display of photos.

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