New 15 minute YouTube Video Uploads

Last month YouTube increased their allowance for video uploads. 15 minutes, that’s a nice treat. I’m not into making long videos but sometimes they do serve a purpose depending if you’re a gamer, or a band etc..

My thoughts are mostly around the PS3 (Xbox) with some good game footage. Imagine you could make a 15 minute NCAA 11 Football Highlight Reel after a season on your PS3 or Xbox. You could also do thorough level walkthroughs for tough levels.

Booya Gadget likes this video upgrade, it’s great for gamers on Playstation, or XBOX. It’s great for everyone.

Here’s one method of uploading your NCAA 11 Football Highlights to YouTube.

And here’s our post about NCAA 11.
PS3 NCAA 11 Football highlight reel walkthrough by Booya Gagdet.

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