PS3 Theme: Kick Ass ( Lionsgate )

If you like Kick-AssBooya Gadget PS3 Theme Kick Ass from Lionsgate, then you have to check out the Kick-AssBooya Gadget PS3 Theme Kick Ass PS3 theme. It is not a dynamic theme, but it rotates a series of 5 pictures from the film periodically. I describe the movie Kick Ass as a mix between Spiderman and Kill Bill. And it all comes down to if you love the movie or not, or even if you want to throw $1.99 down on mixing up your Playstation experience.

Below is the media from the Playstation captured with my beloved Hauppauge HD-PVRBooya Gadget PS3 Theme Kick Ass.

It costs a few bucks for this Playstation Store, but it doesn’t crack my top 3. However, if you are a Kick-AssBooya Gadget PS3 Theme  Kick AssFanBoy or FanGirl,then you should consider this theme as a viable option to show your respect to the unique film.

PS3 Dynamic theme KICK ASS Booya Gadget YouTube

Video Podcast of PS3 Theme: Kickass Booya Gadget

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