Android 2.2 – 3 Features You’ll Actually Use

With plenty of mobile phones hitting the market equipped with Android 2.2 and carriers pushing updates to older models it is time to look at 3 of the features that come with the new OS.

1.  Auto Application Update.  This feature will allow the user to control the permissions of apps that they download from the Android Marketplace.  Once enabled the user will be able to control which apps can download and install updates automatically.

2.  Mobile Hotspot.  Increasing amounts of devices are now internet ready.  The ability to create a hotspot with your Android phone is a great new feature.  Now you can surf the web on your laptop or play an online game on your PSP, while sitting in the park.

3.  Cloud to Device Messenger.  This feature gives the user the ability to send information from their Home PC directly to their Android device.  When the user opens the message on the Android device, the phone will open the correct App.

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  2. TheRealJlight says:

    Really like the auto update.