PS3 Move has Arrived

The PS3 Move is here the games are starting to trickle in and Booya Gadget got our sticky fingers on these new peripherals ! We just picked up our PS3 Move bundles and will soon be creating videos on how it works, and what you can do with it along with the PS3 Eye.    See Below Links for our latest videos and articles from Booya Gadget.
Below is our starting Kit, as well as a few other games we’ll be getting at release, and current games we have that are Move Compatible.

(OUR) Starting Kit:
Move Controller(2)
Navigation Controller
PS3 Move Charging Station
PS3 Eye ( already owned )
PS3 Game: Sports Champions ( Archery, Volleyball, Bocce )
PS3 Game: Ruse ( probably will not make a video on this game )

PS3 Move compatible we already own:
Heavy Rain
Tiger Woods 11
Hustle Kings (PSN)
Planet Minigolf (PSN)

Coming Soon by GameStop Preorder:
PS3 Game: Fight Lights Out
PS3 Game: Brunswick Bowling ( we have it, debating video vs High Velocity )
LittleBigPlanet 2

PS3 Move Navigation and Charging Station

PS3 Move Navigation and Charging Station Booya Gadget

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