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Booya Gadget gives a thumbs up for the Heavy Rain Move (and navigation controller) support.  It will take some time to adjust yourself to the Move / Nav commands during the game. I recommend starting at Ethan’s house showering and drinking orange juice ( if you’ve beaten the game ).

One of my favorite features is that with Heavy rain I can finally play with the Move while sitting on my booty relaxing. In fact, that’s a tip, get comfortable, rest your dominant hand easily on your leg/knee.  The main downside we found so far is that some key-press combinations are too tough.  For instance, if you wanted to cut off your finger ( hypothetically ) you have to hold the Move button, and Triangle then move the wand, it’s tricky, and I don’t want to have a character die on me because I couldn’t operate the Move.

PS3 Move Heavy Rain Calibration Booya Gadget

PS3 Move Heavy Rain Calibration

In Heavy Rain, you need to have full command of the necessary PS3 Move commands or people will die.
Good experience, definitely worth a try.  Heavy Rain is one of our favorite games at Booya Gadget, so I was happy to download the LARGE patch for Move compatibility.  I can’t describe everything here, so best way to learn is to go fire up your copy of Heavy Rain and pair your Move / Nav, it will add tension to a tense game.  If you have never played Heavy Rain, I recommend it if you can go on a binge.  It’s kind of like watching a movie, except you’re the actor.

PS3 Move Heavy Rain fight sleazy place booya gadget

PS3 Move Heavy Rain fight sleazy place booya gadget

Booya Gadget YouTube Video: PS3 Move Heavy Rain Hands On “Sleazy Place”

Booya Gadget YouTube Video Demo: PS3 Move Heavy Rain Hands On “Crime Scene”

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