PS3 Move on Tiger Woods 11 Hands On

Tiger Woods 11 is available now with Playstation Move support.  It is a worthwhile test for sure, especially if you want a new challenge on Tiger 11.  There is a learning curve that will take some time to invest in figuring out how to use the Move to get up and down the golf course on Tiger.

I struggled to chip and putt, and driving was tough.  I just haven’t put in the required time yet.  I wouldn’t buy a Move just to play Tiger, it’s just another nice option to have depending on your gaming preferences.

If you own the EA Sports Tiger Woods 11 already then you should definitely play 18 holes using the PS3 Move Controller to see what you think.

Here is a link to our Move Tiger Woods 11 YouTube live video:

Here’s another PS3 Move accessory we’re considering testing for games like MAG.

Tiger Woods 11 PS3 Move Review Impressions Audio Podcast

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