PS3 Move Tumble Demo Hands On

Tumble is simply a building block / puzzle game. You build towers, or even destroy them. It’s pretty easy to learn and simple in concept, but is not necessarily easy, it can get tricky.
Available now at the Playstation Store, this is likely not the flagship game of every Playstation Move owner, but it costs less than a full retail game and can be another option for you before more games come out or offer Move support.

A big part of the game is simply building tricky towers, for example in this image I must build up and around this laser that is sweeping back and forth.

PS3 Move Tumble Demo Hands On Booya Gadget

PS3 Move Tumble Demo Hands On

So there are several game modes to the Playstation’s Tumble game.  Mainly you build, destroy, or simply bounce the laser / Move around requiring patience and accuracy through other challenges.
PS3 Move Tumble Demo Hands On Booya Gadget

PS3 Move Tumble Demo Hands On

Here is our video Demo of Tumble on YouTube:

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  1. BooyaGadget says:

    That is a great idea. Dear tumble, please easily allow me a snapshot of the dang towers after each round.

  2. TheRealJlight says:

    Cool game. Wish I could send pictures of my towers to my psn friends.