Sports Champions Archery PS3 Move Hands On

Sports ChampionsSports Champions Archery Playstation PS3 Move Booya Gadget Archery is a solid PS3 MoveSports Champions Archery Playstation PS3 Move Booya Gadget flagship game. It takes one major knock: no online multiplayer, that is weak sauce. The game is easy to learn, and I always recommend to take a quick walk through of the tutorial to learn the controls. I like the game enough that I’d like to beat the game in both Archery and Volleyball, so Sports Champions will get some action over time.  I am quite sure it will get tougher in the later levels.

One or Two Controllers
Two controllers is more fun, but you can definitely still play if you don’t have a second controller yet.  With two controllers your off hand holds the bow, and it makes it more realistic.  With one controller you still reach back for the arrow but then you just point your single arm out straight.  It’s fun either way.


Here are pics of two of the characters, Jackson and Giselle.  I like the characters in the game, you have a lot to choose from, and they all have their own personality.  All character’s are equal, however, so it’s not like you’re playing Street Fighter.

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