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PS3 Move has now been out for just over a month and since BooyaGadget has been busy testing this device, we thought it would be a good time to wrap up our extensive coverage of the PS Move.

We started off with the peripherals, the Charging station and the Nav Controller. Then came Sports Champions which is a favorite, mix in Tiger Woods 11, Heavy Rain, Tumble and more.. This article is one of the best sources of real life demonstrations of the PS3 Move, so make sure you check out the Video Playlist in the links below, or make a request.



Overall, we’re very impressed with the Move for the Playstation.  It’s accuracy and responsiveness is excellent, and this is the most important aspect of the controller.    It does have a drawback which is light sensitivity, but under “normal” conditions it is a non-factor.  With Move’s accuracy, it allows you to play any compatible Game out there.  It’s not designed for just baby games and throwing Bocce.  It can roll on Heavy Rain, MAG, and Tiger Woods 11.  All games that you don’t want to worry about accuracy.  That’s why i’m concerned about the quality of the Kinect.  Can it keep up with fast pace games or will you get waxed because it wasn’t fast enough ?  PS3 Move is impressive.  Booya!
PS3 Move Charging Station and Navigation Controller Picture

PS3 Move Charging Station and Navigation Controller

Our Exclusive PS3 Move Custom Playlist completely in High Def 11 Videos.
Click on the Right or Left arrows on the video to cycle through your choices.


As you can see we have been busy with the PS Move.  As promised we would like to offer up an exclusive PS Move Theme for your PS3 that you can only find here at BooyaGadget.

PS Move Theme Sony Playstation 3 controller

PS Move Theme Sony Playstation 3 controller

Demo Video of our Free PS3 Move Theme for the Playstation 3

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