PSP 2 – The Top Five Must-Have-Features!

*UPDATE*  Sony has announced the Next Generation Portable* (PSP2)*

Next Generation Portable Sony PSP 2 Booya Gadget (12)

Next Generation Portable Sony PSP 2 Booya Gadget (12)

The PSP 2 Rumors continue to run around the internet and Sony continues to remain mum on the topic.  There is no doubt that the time has come for Sony to upgrade its handheld device.  For me the obvious upgrade would be the ever-elusive Android PSP Phone, but if its just another handheld I do have the recipe for success.

The rumor mill got running again this week over at Kotaku.  Some of the features included in this rumor were a launch date of Fall 2011, dual analog sticks, a HD Screen and a track panel on the back of the device that would work like a mousepad.  These new features would be a welcome addition to the PSP fan, but are 5 more features that the PSP2 needs to have to make it the ultimate handheld gaming/media device.

#1.  Streaming Video. The PSP2 has to support streaming video off the internet and through a local network.  With all the video content that now resides on  the world wide web, it would be nice to have a portable device that could catch up on my favorite TV shows, stream YouTube clips, NBA games and even connect to my home server so I could stream my own personal library, while I chill out in the backyard.  Sony don’t forget to upgrade that WiFi card to Wireless N.

#2. The Android Marketplace.  My first preference would be to have a PSP2 that runs on the Android OS.  However, if that doesn’t happen then I need to have some of the greatest Apps ported over to the PSP2.  Add and “Apps” section to the XMB and let me fill it will all the greatest hits.  I want Netflix, Gmail, Picasa, Facebook, Twitter, Pandora and more.

#3.  Touchpad/Keypad.  With rumors abound that Sony wants to add a Touch Panel to the back of the PSP2 it leads me to think that they are resistant to a touchscreen.  As a gamer I don’t want to touch the screen, but on a mult-functional device that has web access, I need to type.  So give me a Touchscreen keyboard or find a way to fit a Keypad on the device.  No more typing letter by letter with the D-Pad.

#4 Always Connected.  The PSP2 needs to have the ability to be always connected to the PSN.  I want to see my friends list.  I want to know what friends are on their PS3 and what friends are on their PSP.  I want to connect to the PSN with my same online ID that I use on my PS3.  I want Trophies for my PSP and want them to be tallied right along side my PS3 Trophies.

#5 PS3-PSP Sync.  The PSP2 should be an extension of my PS3.  I love the PSP original titles, but for some of the ports I would like to see some connection between the mothership and the mobileship.  When I buy NCAA 12 next year for the PS3 I want to be able to buy the same NCAA 12 for my PSP, but this time I want the systems to sync up.  I want to run one dynasty that I can play on both machines.  I want to recruit on vacation, play games that count towards my dynasty on the road and then when I return home I want to sync my progress with the PS3 so I can pick up right where I left off on my trip.

These are just 5 features that I want to see included in the new PSP.  Let us know what you think.  What features would you add to the next PSP?

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  1. diego says:

    A good thing would be 3G

  2. Booya Gadget says:

    Checked it out, good job. it will be interesting to see what they produce.
    ( Hey a few of your image links are busted on the home page.. )