PSPgo Price Drop – Now $199.99

PSPgo Price Drop 199 Booya Gadget

PSPgo Price Drop

Must be that time of year.  Sony annouced that the PSPgo will get a price drop from $249.99 to $199.99.  The PSPgo is Sony’s all digital version of the PSP.  This will be a welcome treat to holiday shoppers and maybe give the PSPgo the boost that Sony was hoping for.  If you want to rid yourself of that pile of UMD’s then maybe now is the time to make the switch.  The PSPgo comes with 16gb of memory and has an expandable memory slot for even more.  If you are thinking about picking up a PSPgo at this new price or even if you are planning on the PSP 3000 for $169.99, Booya Gadget has plenty of information about Sony’s handheld in our PSP section

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