Red Dead Redemption Co-op Patch Great Escape

I was surprised that I ended up loving  Red Dead Redemption on Playstation 3.  I tend not to be much of a sandbox game lover.  I think it’s just something about the Wild Wild West, that captured my attention and RDR kept me hooked for a few weeks.  Then they Rockstar Games was nice enough to pump out the online multiplayer Co-Op patch for free !

Red Dead Redemption Multiplayer Escape Tumbleweed Razed Booya gadget

Red Dead Redemption Multiplayer Escape Tumbleweed Pic

Big thumbs up for the co-op mission patch.  Very fun, would be even more fun with a full group of 4-5 cowboys!   If you’ve never played Red Dead,consider giving it a rental from Blockbuster or Gamefly.  For some reason I just cannot stand Grand Theft Auto, it’s simply not fun to me, but being out in the Wild West on horseback with Old-School guns hit a hot button for me.

It plays well, requires teamwork and as usual it’s always best to play Co-Op with in-game voice chat, or Skype, whichever flavor you prefer…  One of my favorite other features of the game is literally the amazing quality of the horses… So tight…

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