Sports Champions Bocce PS3 Move Hands On

PS3 Bocce has turned out to be one of our favorite games in Sports Champions for the Playstation MoveSports Champions Bocce PS3 Move free theme.  It is easy, simple and fast. A great demo if you wanted to show someone the Move for the first time.

It takes 2-3 games to get the hang of it, but learning is swift.  If you think the game is too plain, then make sure to utilize the Custom Music option in the settings and Jam to your favorite beats.  Although if you’re playing this game with friends, then music may not be necessary, unless you turn it into a drinking game or something.

PS3 Move Sports Champion Bocce Gameplay Booya Gadget

PS3 Move Sports Champion Bocce Gameplay

Booya-Cuz’s Top 3 Sports Champion Modes ( we have videos for all 3 ):
#1: Archery
#2: Bocce
#3: Volleyball

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