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Kinect Sports Track n Field Booya Gadget

Track and Field for Kinect Sports is the true gem of Microsoft’s popular motion sensor peripheral.  The ability of Kinect to scan and interpret your entire body is what does set it apart from Playstation’s Move system.   While Kinect is a fun, easy and competitive casual gaming system, I wasn’t too excited to continuing playing much of Kinect Sports as an individual.  That is until I did the deep dive into Track n Field mode.  With 5 different events for up to 4 players and online multiplayer, Track is a game in itself and you can’t ignore that it does add some versatility to what I consider a “Just OK” flagship launch of Kinect Sports.

The 5 different Track events you can participate in are Sprint(100 m dash),Discuss, Javelin, Long Jump, and the challenging Hurdles.  If you enjoy playing online, or are fairly social and have friends over frequently you will find that you can achieve some amazing competition.  Your guests or family will learn fast, and you will enjoy a virtual Olympics in your living room.  Hope you don’t live on the top floor of an apartment!  Kinect’s specialty is making a really easy game that is simple, fun, and fast to learn.   Track n Field is no exception and will bring out your inner Chariots of Fire.

Kinect Sports Track n Field XBox Discuss Booya Gadget

Kinect Sports Track n Field XBox Discuss Booya Gadget

Kinect Sports Track n Field XBox Hurdles Tips Help Booya Gadget

Kinect Sports Track n Field XBox Hurdles Tips Help Booya Gadget

Although I felt like Lamar from Revenge of the Nerds, I had a great time testing this game.  One particular feature I really appreciate is the Kinect Sharing feature.  During your events, the Kinect will record you are key moments(during a run, jump,through) and you’ll get some great, possibly embarassing or amazing video footage that you can very easily download to your PC, or upload to Facebook.  I think the trickiest events are Discuss and Hurdles.  Just take your time, practice a little bit and you will learn what Kinect wants you to do.  You may get an achievement for throwing it 3 feet, but you will learn in the process.   This game is family safe, family fun, and a solid entry into the motion control game market.  While personally, I prefer the Playstation Move because of its more mature game selection and real-life simulated diffucilty, the XBox Kinect is a legit and fantastic gaming system.  It will get your bottom off the couch.

Many bundles will come with Kinect Adventures, but I would encourage you to consider Kinect Sports.  I can guarantee I’ve burned some calories simply testing these games for the videos and articles we’ve produced.  My shoulders and hamstrings are tight as write this article.

Kinect Sports Track n Field XBox 1st Place Booya Gadget

Kinect Sports Track n Field XBox 1st Place Booya Gadget

In summary,  Kinect Sports is a great game for Kinect owners with more surely to come.  In particular,  Track and Field is a fantastic full body sensor showcase and solid party game for Kinect Sports.   In Booya’s opinion, Track is the top game by far in Kinect Sports.

Here is a video presentation of this Kinect Sports Track ( all 5 Events with video overlay )

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