Sports Champions Disc Golf PS3 Move Reverse Course and Tips

Sports Champions Disc Golf Reverse Course Frisbee

Sports Champions Disc Golf Reverse Course Frisbee

Disc Golf, Frisbee Golf, whichever you call it is a great game for the PS3 Move’s Sports Champions.  There is definitely a culture of extreme/unique sport athletes out there but even if you’ve never played Disc Golf, you will enjoy it.  The only downside of the game is that it is so accurate that it certainly won’t help you to throw a frisbee if you don’t know how to already.  So, like most Sports Champs games with the Move, you can apply real-life strategy and fundamentals.

What I’m saying is that you can just look up “how to throw a frisbee” or similar.  Get some tips in that manner if you struggle otherwise you may not have as much fun as you could. I can get up and down a course, but it’s ugly yet very fun.

The only tips besides self education I can offer are to, as usual, forget that you have a Move Controller in your hand and just throw a frisbee, secondly it’s to make use of the aiming feature when necessary(hold move button). Lastly, like many sports, follow through with your throw.  Practice up, and learn to consistently hit the Mid Range throws for Birdie and you will cruise through the Gold and finally the Ultimate Cup.  It’s all worth it once you get to pose for the Facebook Picture and upload your celebration pose.

Sports Champions Disc Golf How to throw tips Booya Gadget

Sports Champions Disc Golf How to throw Follow Through

Of course, I’d like to take another shot at the game developers for not allowing or providing Online Multiplayer.  This would be a really great addition to Disc Golf and the entire Sports Champions series.  This game in particular seems like an online mode could be added since it is turned based, oh well let’s hope they get it right in the near future.    What I also tested out was the Reverse Course DLC from Playstation Network for a reasonable $2.99 If you’re really heavy into Frisbee Golf, then the DLC is a must have, otherwise you can make do.  Honestly,  because I am average at best throwing the Disc the Reversed courses really didn’t phase me because I just can’t throw the dang Frisbee straight.  If you golf, i’m sure you can imagine the impact of playing a course  backwards.  That would be crazy since golf is meant to be played in a single direction.  It makes you take bigger risks and get more aggressive to compensate for the awkward / backwards course layout.

Sports Champions Disc Golf Reverse PSN DLC Booya Gadget

Sports Champions Disc Golf Reverse PSN DLC

Sports Champions Disc Golf How to throw 1 Booya Gadget

Sports Champions Disc Golf How to throw 1 Booya Gadget

In summary, before the video, Sports Champs Disc Golf is great.  It is tough too which makes it rewarding once you figure out how to throw the dang frisbee.  Takes me a long road back to my childhood, and now I need to go read online for the fundamentals of throwing a frisbee.  Enjoy PS3 Move and enjoy your copy of Sports Champions.

Here is our Sports Champions Disc Frisbee Golf Video


Sports Champs Disc Golf Audio Podcast

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