Sports Champions Table Tennis PS3 Move

Sports Champions Table Tennis Ping Pong SMASH

Sports Champions Table Tennis Ping Pong SMASH Booya Gadget

Sports Champions Table Tennis ( ping pong for the USA ) is truly a flagship motion sensor game on any system.  At this point, after having done detailed reviews of both the Kinect and Playstation Move, I’m awarding the title of BREAKTHROUGH GAME to Sports Champions.  10 years ago, I would never have expected to be playing virtual ping-pong in my living room.   Have you seen Total Recall ?  Early on there’s a scene with Schwarzenegger’s wife receiving virtual tennis instructions.  Well, that is available right now, here in the year 2010.

The reason i’m so hyped up about this game, is because of it’s difficulty.  This is not far off of real ping pong.   I went into the silver cup pretty cocky after easily gliding through Bronze.  Well, Sports Champions does crank it up a notch later.  As you advance, you’ll see more returns, better defense, increased spin shots, and some guaranteed frustration.  Word on the streets is that the Gold Cup features a nasty Final BOT-BOSS type setup.  I haven’t reached that computer serving device yet, but it will be an intense game of man vs machine.

Sports Champions Table Tennis Bronze Cup Booya Gadget

Sports Champions Table Tennis Bronze Cup

All I need is my white headband and my glowing PS3 Move controller. Sports Champions Table Tennis sets the bar for motion controller sports.  I have played them all, and I’m floored by my ability to play ping pong vs my TV. If you have ping pong skills, then I can’t wait to hear your feedback when you too reach the Gold Cup.  This game is flat out impressive.

Booya Gadget’s Youtube Sports Champions Ping Pong Demo Video Intense:

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  1. BarryTheGamer says:

    another great game when it comes out could you reveiw sorcery please it looks really great

    • Booya Gadget says:

      Thanks BTGamer ! We enjoy making the vids and articles and like to give the “non-marketing” perspective on it. I am pretty amazed by Ping Pong, 10 years ago, never thought I would be able to play a competitive game vs CPU in my living room. I am stuck 1/2 way through ultimate difficulty on ping pong and bocce. Gold / Ultimate has definitely humbled me and my SC record !

      As far as sorcery, we’re pretty interested in that game so if I get my hands on it, i’ll “work my magic” ( bad pun intended )

      Booya Cuz

  2. BarryTheGamer says:

    dude i love your reviews your opinion has influenced alot of game choices i love ping pong in real life and your right it really does feel like im playing in real life apart from the distance to you table

  3. dragonflyr says:

    btw .. i just finished silver tier and lost 5 games in total. much more of a challenge. now i gotta do the next (gold?).

    but … man, sports champions ping pong is the real thing!!

    yes … if they ever get online play, i’ll be there!

    • Booya Gadget says:

      Nice Dragon! You got it, Gold is next , AND don’t plan on being done when you beat the gold cup either
      Check out our facebook page and you will see I send my trophy pics there auto from PS3…

      Yup, and looking at yer 2nd comment, we are on the same exact page. Accuracy, tougher games, more simulation.
      Big difference between playing Move Pong and Kinect Pong !

  4. dragonflyr says:

    totally agree. i play the game with the same moves and strategy as i do in real life, and it all translates perfectly into the game. i am blown away by the realism and accuracy of this game. because of this game i am COMPLETELY excited about the potential of Move. Very happy with the precision, lag free play that the Move offers. Also very much like the fact that it can/will do hardcore as well as casual stuff. anyway .. yes, ping pong is amazing.

  5. Booya Gadget says:

    Game is absolutely getting tougher.. this impressive ping pong simulator