XBox Kinect Adventures Bundle Shopping Guide and Review

XBox Kinect Adventures Bundle Shopping Guide Review

XBox Kinect Adventures Bundle Shopping Guide Review

I picked up the XBox Kinect Adventures Bundle at Best Buy for $150 at the time of this article. If you have the money, I’d recommend going with a Bigger Bundle (spend more) and pick up the XBox Slim too if you can. You’ll save money and love the Slim with it’s built-in Wireless N and smaller footprint. You’re fine if you’re just adding this to your standard older model 360, then no worries it will work just fine!  Remember, if you’re getting a new XBox or reviving an old one to play with Kinect, you’ll be prompted for a firmware update.   My knee jerk thought on Kinect Vs PS3 Move is that the more casual you are, the better Kinect is for you.  If you prefer more simulation and want to step it up a notch on game difficulty, style and maturity then Sony’s Move is probably a better choice. There is no wrong answer, think only about how you play.

XBox Kinect Adventures Bundle Unbox

XBox Kinect Adventures Bundle Unbox

With this bundle you get Microsoft’s Kinect accessory and Kinect Adventures. The Kinect does require power so prepare you power strip if you have a lot of devices already in the TV Entertainment area of your home. The 2 prong power adapter is a slim variety, so it won’t hog multiple spaces.  Depending on your TV it’s cool to mount the Kinect Motion Sensor Device on top or below your TV.  My TV is a Samsung 6500 series super flat so there is no chance it mounts on top of it.  However, placed below the TV on the coffee stand is perfectly fine for this sweet device.

This Kinect Adventures bundle is a good starter, but it will leave you wanting more games to fully test the Kinect’s capabilities.  A safe add-on purchase would definitely be Kinect Sports, which I promise will get you off the couch.  Joy Ride, Fighter’s Uncaged, and Your Shape Fitness are other options to consider.  Make no mistake, the fitness games for Kinect are awesome.  Don’t forget you can go to the XBox Marketplace right away and download several Kinect-Ready Demos for free to see what else you might be interested in.  These demos are free, but take up several hundred Megs of storage, so I hope you have space.  You might be rolling the measly 4 Gig memory unit, which I think you should upgrade, I plan to very soon.

XBox Kinect Adventures Bundle Unbox Gameplay Booya

XBox Kinect Adventures Bundle Unbox Gameplay Booya

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