PS3 Move Table Tennis Round-Up & Free PS3 Theme

Booya Cuz Booya Gadget Table Tennis Expert

Booya Cuz Booya Gadget Table Tennis Expert

Booya Cuz is our Table Tennis expert and he has spent many hours with both the PS Move and the Xbox Kinect and their respective Table Tennis games.  This week Booya Gadget released a new Sports Champions Table Tennis video that will concentrate on more advanced serving techniques.

  • Sports Champions Table Tennis Advanced Serving

Booya Cuz uses a “topspin heavy” shot to serve the ball.  By simply flicking his wrist at a 45 degree angle he is able to create this high velocity shot.  Watch his latest video to get a better grasp on this technique and make yourself a better Table Tennis player.

  • The Original Sports Champions Table Tennis Video.

Still not sure if you are on your way to becoming the greatest Table Tennis player in the world.  If you would like to see how far Booya Cuz has come in his quest to become the ultimate  Console Table Tennis player check out this first look at Sports Champions Table Tennis.

  • Kinect Table Tennis

Not interested in the Move or don’t have access to a PS3.  No worries for the Xbox crowd as Booya Gadget has you covered with Kinect Table Tennis.  Watch as Booya Cuz takes his skill-set over to the 360 arena.

Now its your turn to let us know your favorite Table Tennis game.  Have you played The Move?  Are you an expert with Kinect?  I know somebody out there has played them both and might have an opinion one way or another.  Give us your feedback.  Post up your opinions.  When it comes to Ping Pong……Kinect or Move?

Since this is an all Table Tennis extravaganza it wouldn’t be complete without a Free PS3 Theme.  Download the latest Free Theme over at our Free Stuff Page.  While you are there you may as well subscribe for the same low price of FREE.  Thank You from Booya Gadget.  Now go play some Ping Pong.

Table Tennis PS3 Theme Booya Gadget

Table Tennis PS3 Theme Booya Gadget

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About the Author: Booya TRJ is the graphics, news and Sony maniac. A former college track athlete, who now live vicariously through his NCAA football team. If he's not ten years deep in his dynasty then you might catch him rolling some Little Big Planet or polishing of the next adventure in the Uncharted Series.

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  1. Dean2663 says:

    I was wrong thinking there was no secret boss on the Champions Cup level for Disc Golf. I was replaying the silver level for opponents that I didn’t have three stars (I was bored). When I got three stars against Kenji it unlocked the secret boss. Go figure..

    • BooyaCuz says:

      lol… The “ultimate” bosses are all nasty. I only have Frankie from Bocce.
      At this point, we’re so busy i doubt i’ll beat every level of every game mode ! probably impossible, but I really want to write an article with the character summaries, so I may just unlock it. ($$)

  2. Dean2663 says:

    Won the Ultimate Champions Cup today! Beat Kenji two out of three. Then beat the secret boss, Robo in just two tries, straight sets. Kenji was hard, but not quite as hard as Boomer or Jackson or maybe its because I got better. Kenji has a hole if you smash it right up the middle. Robo was much easier than Kenji. If you can get get past the other opponents Robo shouldn’t be too difficult. Need 21 points to beat Robo. Key to winning smashes on ultimate is to hit them on the way up from the bounce. Need to ice my arm now!

  3. Dean2663 says:

    Well, somehow beat Jackson. He was really hard. Then it only took about four tries to beat Kat. Kat in my ex wife’s name (second ex wife, lol). So now it’s back to Kenji and will have to beat him two out of three. Crap!

    A little advice from trying to figure out how to beat Jackson and it totally worked on Kat too:
    Get to where you can backspin a return to the computers left (your right) and the CPU returns a lob to your right near the net, make sure to smash to the left as the ball is just coming up off the bounce. The CPU usually can’t react quick enough if the angle is sharp enough. If you wait until it comes up it will likely be returned. I played a couple of rounds against Kenji and it doesn’t look like that’s going to work against him so it looks like I’ll need to figure something else out.

  4. Dean2663 says:

    Jackson on ultimate is killing me!

  5. Dean2663 says:

    For deep returns I usually backspin it or if it’s a smash I just stick the racket out and hope I hit it back. I usually only smash now when it’s fairly high and close to the net or else they just smash it back. I haven’t tried hitting it on the fly. Does that even work? I was able to beat Dallas last night, but the next opponent (one of the girls) is extremely difficult, so I went back to the robot on gold which I had skipped over. I must be really good now because I totally killed him in two straight sets! I actually tweaked my knee last night playing this thing. Very intense on ultimate. I am hopping forward and back, twisting and smashing. Crazy!

  6. Dean2663 says:

    Just beat Tatupo and Rin. I think it was my imagination about the table being smaller. I used the tennis racket. Took a little adjusting to it. Don’t know if it helped, but it looks larger. One of the optional rackets is a lollipop! LMAO! My instincts of when to hit a backspin lob vs a smash and reaction and timing seem to have improved a lot! Dallas is next. I’m totally sweated up. That’s never happened in a video game before. So freaking awesome!! Booya!

    • Booya Gadget says:

      Dude, you’re on fire. How is this going to look, when you are progressing faster than booya cuz ?

      Nice Work, i’m still impressed you took down Boomer, she’s my next target. I will take her ping pong skills to “the table” ( bad pun intended sorry )

      I have worked on side spin for a potential ‘how-to’ video that someone asked for, I got better quick when I focused.
      I’m assuming there is an Ultimate Cup Robot, and I’m assuming that will be the toughest video game battle of all time. And yes, I too seriously sweat when playing these games, I mean some serious action happens on expert/Ultimate ! Have you played Bocce ultimate ? Amazing, friggin computer is nasty, Although I did unlock the mobster “Frankie”

      • Dean2663 says:

        Yes, I beat Bocce Ultimate and Frankie on both gold and ultimate. I found the tires the hardest. The key, for me, was retaining control of pallino or else the computer would put it somewhere difficult to get close, especially the wooden curvey course.

        The odd thing is that there was a bonus boss for bocce on both gold and ultimate (Frankie), but on Disc Golf there was a bonus boss on gold, not ultimate (Umrog), so I wonder if the robot will show up on table tennis ultimate. I hope not. lol

        For table tennis I am finding success in returning a backspin, deep. The opponents will usually hit either a high or semi-high backspin lob near the net. That’s when I go in the kill with an overhead, forward spin smash. Be prepared, it may be returned. If they return it again near the net, smash it again. If they return it deep. Keep returning backspins until you get get it deep enough so they return a lob near the net again and SMASH! Requires patience and timing. Booya!

        • Booya Gadget says:

          The most difficult shot for me (right now, until I figure it out BOOYA ) is the computer’s “Deep return Shot” that lands on the back edge. It sounds like you’ve seen that shot and smash it before it hits the table, perhaps i’ll give that a try. It is simply tough because on the Deep baseline cpu return shots, it’s just kind of hard to time it….

  7. Dean2663 says:

    I finally beat Kenji on the gold cup level. The way I did it was to use a completely different strategy that all previous opponents. I mainly used lots of low, back spin shots, including serves. I had to be patient and wait until he would return it high and short enough that I was fairly confident that I could return a winning smash shot. Sometimes rallies would last quite a while until I would get my opportunity. Now it’s on to the Robo bonus opponent and then the 4th round Champion cup opponents. Man this game is awesome!

    • Booya Gadget says:

      lol… Kenji Gold was tough.

      I have very bad news, but hope not to discourage: Ultimate Cup is Friggin Amazingly Difficult. I’m on Boomer Ultimate and I assure you she is NASTY ! Gonna take me a long time to get through ultimate ping pong.

      • Dean2663 says:

        I’m at Boomer on ultimate cup now. Holy cow. Rallies last forever. She returns everything except for an extremely well placed overhead smash. I’ve gotten as close as 12 – 15. I can’t imagine how hard the rest of the opponents will be. At least I get a good workout. Love this game!

      • Dean2663 says:

        Well got by Boomer. Now Conner. He stands on the opposite side of the table from Boomer and is even harder yet. I’ve gotten to 13 – 15. Trying to find his week spots. Been somewhat effective with a backspin, cross court serve to his right side. He tends to return a low lob near the net that I can smash for a winner. Seems to work about 50% of the time.

      • Dean2663 says:

        Beat Conner. Wish I could tell you how. Next is Tapatu. The table looks much smaller, so smashes will probably be harder.

  8. Dean2663 says:

    I pretty much cruised through every opponent on PS3 tennis until I hit Kenji on the Gold level (3rd round). Been trying to beat him for a week. He is really, really hard. You can’t just smash it by this guy. I’ve hit ten smashes in a row at him from all angles and he still returns them! He also puts wicked spin. My shoulder is kills after 45 minutes against this guy. You really do have to stand far back against him to have any kind of chance against returning his repeated smashes. Let me know if yove reached this level and had any luck.

    PS. That tennis theme looks hot! Definitely going to download that. Thanks!