Play your PSP Videos on your Sony Dash

The Dash has been a niche market gadget since it’s launch, but lately the Dash has been adding some apps that would please the mainstream market and make this gadget a good fit in any household.  So what is the Sony Dash?

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Sony Dash Playing PSP Video Files Booya Gadget

Sony Dash Playing PSP Video Files Booya Gadget

The short and sweet answer is that The Sony Dash is an internet station, something you put on your nightstand or place on the kitchen counter.   It sports a 7″ touch screen and has access to thousands of apps from the Chumby library.  You can check your Gmail, update your Facebook status, listen to music from Pandora or watch videos from Hulu Plus and Netflix.  It does all of this from its built in WiFi network.

With this short Booya I am going to show you how to connect and play your PSP videos on your Sony Dash.  The Sony Dash has a USB slot that allows you to connect your PSP.  Set your PSP to USB mode and then work to the Video menu on your Sony Dash.  Select the USB button and The Sony Dash will search your PSP device.

Sony Dash Main PSP Folder Structure Booya Gadget

Sony Dash Main PSP Folder Structure Booya Gadget

Once The Dash finds your device it will allow you to search your PSP directories.  This will be familiar to any user that has searched these directories from their Home PC.  Scroll down to the Video folder.  Select the Video folder and you will have access to your entire video collection on your PSP.

Sony Dash PSP Movie List Booya Gadget

Sony Dash PSP Movie List Booya Gadget

From this list you can select the movie that you wish to watch.  The Dash will begin playing the file.  This will work for pictures and music as well.  You do have to select USB under the right media tab on the Sony Dash.  For example, you can only listen to music if you have selected USB under the Music Tab on your Sony Dash.

Sony Dash playing Family Guy from PSP Booya Gadget

Sony Dash playing Family Guy from PSP Booya Gadget

One great trick I learned while playing with this Booya.  I own a PSPgo, which has 16 gb of memory.  I have installed an additional 16 gb memory card making my PSP a 32 gb device.  When the PSP is plugged into the Dash and set to USB mode before you select USB on the Sony Dash you will get all of the files on your System Memory.  If you select USB on your Sony Dash before setting your PSP to USB mode you will get all of the files on your removable Memory Card.  I am not sure why this works, but I did try it several times and continued to get the same results.  This is a nice work-around since there is no other way to select which memory you would like to access on the PSP.

An added bonus is that your PSP will charge during this set-up.  This will only work with your personal video and music collections, the Sony Dash did not recognize any of my PSN Video files.  If you are interested in compressing your own videos for playback on your PSP and Sony Dash we have a tutorial here.

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About the Author: Booya TRJ is the graphics, news and Sony maniac. A former college track athlete, who now live vicariously through his NCAA football team. If he's not ten years deep in his dynasty then you might catch him rolling some Little Big Planet or polishing of the next adventure in the Uncharted Series.

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  1. TheOnlyDiego1 says:

    Sony is the awesome. the more awesome thing is when connecting there devices with each other

    • Booya Gadget says:

      We agree Diego, connecting devices / media streaming is a big part of Booya’s Creation.
      My home networking is very digital. Booya TRJ rocks the Dash ( I don’t have it ), but it sounds like a pretty sweet Pandora/Netflix/Hulu streaming device for a kitchen.