PS3 Move Golf John Daly ProStroke Review and Impressions

PS3 Move John Daly ProStroke Golf Review GIR Booya Gadget

PS3 Move John Daly ProStroke Golf Review GIR

I’m still not sure why Gusto Games selected John Daly as the cover-man for the PS3 Move compatible ProStroke Golf, but the game is worthy of your consideration depending on your taste and budget.   JD ProStroke will run you a discounted price of $30 while EA’s mega popular Tiger Woods 11 costs $60 (at the time of this article).  It’s a value purchase at half the price of the best game, and you certainly get half the features for half the cost. However, don’t let the marketing get to you, if you’re on a budget, or don’t care about features and just want to golf with the Move, then John daly ProStroke should be on your consideration list.  If you are looking for the best Move Golf game out right now, then keep looking and go grab Tiger 11.

PS3 Move John Daly ProStroke Golf Par 3 Aiming Booya Gadget

PS3 Move John Daly ProStroke Golf Par 3 Aiming

John Daly ProStroke certainly functions just fine, but lacks any graphical pizazz..  The free game demo I played from Playstation Store is not without some nasty little flaws.  The main annoyance is selecting menu options with a mega-hyper-sensitive Move interface.  Perhaps there’s another way, but wow, even selecting an option was a very difficult game in itself.  The cursor shakes like crazy and will rocket around with the slightest movement.  It is “need-a-patch-soon” bad, yuck. Perhaps there’s another way to navigate, but I shouldn’t have to read the manual to select menu options.   Wow, it was SEN-Si-Tive, and therefore I had a bad first impression.   Menu selection aside, I wasn’t a huge fan of the aiming system either.

Basically, you point the amazingly sensitive Move cursor starting dead-center on the PS3 Eye and just slightly squeeze the trigger button to gently move your aim.  Of course, if you apply too much pressure then, your target will fly off and you’ll have to start over aiming again.  This got annoying most in putting where every inch matters, arrrgh.   Tiger has a much better and more user friendly aiming system that requires more significant movement to slightly and accurately adjust your aim.  However, over time, I think you will likely be adjust to the sensitivity of aiming and selecting on JD ProStroke, but it certainly was an annoyance right off the bat.

PS3 Move John Daly ProStroke Golf Par 3 Tee Booya Gadget

PS3 Move John Daly ProStroke Golf Par 3 Tee

Another thing you don’t get with a non-EA Golf video game is the EASports website which you can save highlights and view career stats and more online.  In particular, I love the EA Gameface feature, which is my real-life picture I use for all my EA characters images by downloading from EASports when applicable.   However, once again, if you don’t care about gamefaces and Birdie highlights, then John Daly’s $30 “Tiger Light” version will suit you fine.  Both games can be played with a single Move, or the 6 axis controller

Remember, that you can download this demo right now, for free from the Playstation Network Store.  My main focus of our HD Video on youtube was to show you that it does work. You can get up and down a golf course, putt, and chip using the Move for sure.  I found that the better you get, the more fun it becomes. I definitely threw up a few triple-bogies and snowmen during my learning process, but with practice your scores will improve and you will have more fun.    The commentary is “OK”, the graphics are “OK”, the courses are nice, but just not quite as nice as Tiger looks and may have limited DLC courses available.
PS3 Move John Daly ProStroke Golf Long Drive Booya Gadget

PS3 Move John Daly ProStroke Golf Long Drive Competition

The Bottom Line:
Maybe you don’t want to support Tiger for other reasons, or maybe you aren’t concerned with all the bells, whistles, and detailed blades of grass.  If you are willing to lower your expectations a little, you take home a playable and decent PS3 Golf game, and an additional accessory, for the same price as Tiger 11.  Or if money is tight, then put the rest towards your cellular and utility bills.  However, if you want the best, then get Tiger or wait till the next wave of PS3 Golf games with Move comapatibility and support.  JD Golf is average, but you might appreciate the value for the cost.

The best way to show you is with our HD Video Demo of PS3 Daly Golf including Gameplay Overlay

Playstation Move Golf John Daly ProStroke Review vs Tiger Audio Podcast Prices: John Daly’s ProStroke Golf

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