Best PSP Tips: Call your Android with your PSP using Skype

Some time ago Booya Gadget visited the Skype App for Blackberry and successfully called our Blackberry Tour with Skype from our PSP go.

That video was short and sweet and proved it was possible, but now we are going to take a closer look at the Skype App on the PSP go as well as the Skype App for your Android. We already know that both Apps can make data calls, but lets look at what other features theses Apps are capable of contributing to our mobile devices.

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So you may be asking yourself, “What is Skype?”  Skype is a way to make calls using your internet data plans.  Whether its PC to PC over your broadband connection or Mobile to PC using your wireless data plan, with the addition of the mobile Apps, Skype has enable users to make all of these call free within the United States.

The appeal to data calls is that with unlimited data plans becoming the norm, a user can save their calling plan minutes and use their data plans to make their phone calls.  Skype has also added features like SMS and Caller ID so that your friend will know that its you calling and not some “unkonwn number”.  These features will cost you money in the form of Skype Credits.  In this post we will cover what is available to the user for free with the current Apps release for Android and PSP.

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PSP Skype Screenshot Booya Gadget

PSP Skype Screenshot Booya Gadget

As of firmware 3.90 the PSP has had the ability to use Skype.  Only the PSP-1000 was excluded from the upgrade.  With the addition of Skype to the PSP it has made the PSP a WiFi-phone.  Since the PSP has no data package it will require a Wi-Fi connection to make or receive Skype calls.

When you launch the PSP Skype App your PSP will attempt to connect to your wireless network.  Once you are logged in you will see your Skype Contacts list.  You can adjust your profile and buy Skype Credit.  One thing that is missing from the PSP App is the ability to instant message.  I am not sure why they would leave this feature out, although I do know that typing on the PSP via the D-Pad can be a pain.

One major flaw in the PSP Skype App is that you must have the Skype App launched to receive calls.  The inability of the PSP to be an “always connected device” limits the use of the App in this manner.  The only way to use the PSP as a true WiFi-phone is to be always running the App.  However, it is nice that if you choose to keep Skype running, your PSP will go to sleep to preserve precious battery life and wake up for a Skype call.

A cool extra that will only work with the PSPgo and Skype is the ability to use the Bluetooth functionality.  This allows you to Skype with a paired Bluetooth headset or your car audio Bluetooth head unit.

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Verizon Skype Mobile App for Android Booya Gadget

Verizon Skype Mobile App for Android Booya Gadget

On October 5, 2010 Skype release the Android app and made it available at and in the Marketplace.  The Skype App for Android has more features than its PSP counterpart.  The Android App has three tabs across the top of the screen, Contacts, Events, and Call Phones.

Contacts shows you your Skype contact list.  These are Skype users that you can enter into your Skype account.  Once selected, each Contact has the options to Call, Send IM or Show Profile.  Under the setting button you have the option to set your mood, add a contact or buy Skype credit.

The Events tab show you any missed calls or instant messages that you may have received from your Skype contacts.

The Call Phones tab allows you to call any mobile phone with your Skype account.  These calls will cost you Skype credits.  Under the settings button you can access your entire contact list on your Android phone.

One feature I noticed that Skype Mobile does not support is Wi-Fi.  The App is only functional on the 3G network, so if you connect your Android to your home network then Skype will be disable.  I am not sure why this decision was made, but if your data plan is unlimited there really is no reason not to make your calls from your 3G network.

Unlike the PSP the Skype App will run in the background allowing you to use your phone in any capacity and still be able to receive Skype calls and instant messages.

So there is a run down of the Skype Apps on the PSP and the Android.  This wouldn’t be a Booya without an out of the lab test of the Apps.  So here is the PSP calling my Android mobile via Skype.

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