Get Free HD Movies from Vudu on your PS3

Vudu was recently added to the PS3 Media line-up and with it comes one Free HD Movie. However, upon further review I found that Vudu’s free give-aways doesn’t stop there.

Vudu Movies Free on your PS3 Booya Gadget (1)

Vudu Movies Free on your PS3 Booya Gadget (1)

Vudu is a Pay-Per-View service that carries the latest new movie releases in stunning High Definition and offers 5.1 Dolby Digital Sound.  The movies stream to your TV from your game console and many other network enabled streaming devices.  Vudu pricing starts at $3.99 for SD, $4.99 for 720P, and $5.99 for 1080P.

For a month I saw that Vudu was offering a “Free HD Movie” if you signed up for service.  Figuring there would be a catch I continued to pass on the offer until one day I was sitting around clamoring for something to do.  I figured no better time than the present so I fired up the LG Blu-Ray player and clicked on the Free HD Movie Tab.

LG BD570 Review Booya Gadget (6) Apps

LG BD570 Review Booya Gadget (6) Apps

Vudu asked me for my email and as I typed it in letter by letter with the remote I figured I would have to then give them my name, credit card, address, all of which was going to take longer than the movie to plug in with the Universal TV remote.  At this point I am regretting all this work to watch a movie for free.  But to my surprise, they wanted nothing more and a $5.99 credit arrived in my Vudu wallet and I was free to select the movie I wanted, no strings attached.

After the movie was over I was curious if I could watch the same movie downstairs on my PS3, without having to rent it again.  I launched the Vudu App on the PS3 and entered the same email and not only could I watch the same rented movie again I was rewarded with another $5.99.

Vudu Movies Free on your PS3 Booya Gadget

Vudu Movies Free on your PS3 Booya Gadget

At this point I am a fairly happy customer, but I am also a bit greedy.  Time to head to the PC and launch the Vudu App in Boxee.  Boxee is a media software program that will organize your movies, music and photos.  Boxee also has Apps like Netflix, Pandora, and Vudu.  Once I launched the Vudu App within Boxee I was rewarded this time with a $3.99 credit. Since Vudu will only play movies in Standard Definition on the Boxee PC software you are only given enough credit to rent an SD movie.

So for just the price of my email I earned $15.97 in Vudu Credit and I still had only handed over my email.  It is worth your time to check it out.  And for the record the movie I watched looked great.  The stream was fast, no stutters and the HD picture and sound were excellent.  So find all the Vudu enabled devices in your household and start collecting some movie credits.

Check out Vudu.
Check out Boxee.

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