Free Windows Phone 7 App Charlie Sheen Winning Sounboard

Charlie Sheen Winning WP7 Free AppWe’re very excited to announce our first Smart Phone Application.  You can now enjoy 21 of Charlie Sheen’s now famous “Winning” rants, quotes, and tirades. If Mr Sheen gives the public more wonderful and inspiring tips then Booya will update the app so you never miss out.  Take Charlie with you everywhere you go, with or without 3G or WiFi access.
Version 1.0 includes favorites such as:
“Winning”,   “Loving Violently”, “Living in the Orca”, “Underwear Strafing Runs”, “Deploying Ordnance”
and many more !


To download and install this totally free Windows Phone 7 app, open this link to the Zune App Marketplace.


Charlie Sheen WP7 Screenshot

Charlie Sheen WP7 Screenshot All 21 Rants

Charlie Sheen Winning Soundboard Details


WP7 Zune Marketplace Category: Entertainment
This app is free for your Windows Phone 7 device courtesy of  BooyaGadget.

App Keywords: Charlie Sheen, Booya, Booya Gadget, Winning, Soundboard, sound board, celebrity, fun, audio clips

Required device capabilities: data connection, web browser, owner identity, phone calls, Silverlight Framework


While this app is a freebie made by Booya, you should also take a moment to check out a few of our other favorite XBox Live enabled games for WP7!




Charlie Sheen Soundboard Splash

Splash Screen Booya!



If you need support, just feel free to leave a comment here and we’ll get back to you.  However, this free WP7 application is very straightforward, and you shouldn’t have any issues!    Keep an eye out, and consider registering at Booya Gadget to stay up to date with our next wave of apps!

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  1. jordan says:

    It would be great if you included some samples in your post. I’m pumped to hear a couple.

    Thanks for creating a Charlie Sheen soundboard app!

  2. BooyaCuz says:

    Hey thanks community, the app is performing very well ! Looks like there are a lot of satisfied WINNERS out there :)