Review: Vudu on Samsung 6500 TV is Badass!

Vudu Samsung 6500 New Release Movies Internet TV ScreenSamsung Internet Ready TV owners you are in for a big treat, I’m very confident you will really enjoy it.  Yeah, you know that Vudu Internet application that you never opened before ?  Well, it’s time to open that puppy up TODAY.  I’m serious the service is awesome.  To me, the ULTIMATE BOOYA is a product or service that can change your everyday behavior.  In my case, I have an insatiable appetite for new release movies.  Netflix is currently not providing this ability so I sneak off to Blockbuster, yeah remember them ?  I still go to Blockbuster despite having Netflix and even Hulu Plus (de-activated) for a while because I want to see those Hot Titles without waiting 30 days and “LONG WAIT TIME” at Netflix.  With Vudu, that is now OVER.  The best part about it is you get 1 freebie HD New release movie courtesy of Vudu for your first time so you literally have no excuses to not try this service.  These slick geniuses tricked me into trying it out, obviously knowing that I would cave for this new and wonderful service.  And they got me, and they’ve already gotten more of my money.
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Vudu Samsung 6500 Welcome Screen Booya

Vudu Samsung 6500 Welcome Screen Booya

Vudu makes it extremely easy for you to try out their wonderful service.  In fact, just fire it up on your Samsung TV, enter an email address and that’s ALL you have to do for the first time.  If you get hooked, and want to watch another movie, only at that time you will have to finish setting up your account.   You’ll be watching a New Release fresh from Hollywood in a matter of minutes. In fact, you’ll be watching it with your $5.99 credit which gives you access to Vudu’s highest quality HDX, and as we know damn near any movie looks great on the Samsung 6500 LED LCD TV!


Samsung Vudu Activation Email Easy.. Booya Gadget

Samsung Vudu Activation Email: Simple, Easy, Fast, High Quality

Vudu Samsung 6500 Review

Vudu Samsung 6500 Congrats from Vudu

After simply inputting your email address, you’ll get an email like the above.  But you still don’t have to do much more, unless you get hooked like me..  I was very pleased with their initial selection of “Most Popular” titles, so I chose to test drive the very funny “Due Date” starring Robert Downey Jr and Zach Galsjkflasdnakis.   I gave the movie 3.5 / 5, had a great time watching it and was extremely satisfied with the quality.

Vudu Samsung 6500 Review HD Due Date Booya Gadget

I chose Due Date for my Test for you.

Logistically, Vudu on your Samsung covers ALL the basics.  Chapter Selection is great, works fast, and previews the scene before you jump to it if you have to.  If your connection ( I roll wireless, full HDX) chokes at all, you can simply downgrade during the movie to improve your experience.  I didn’t have to and I still haven’t had to even after watching about 5 movies now ( told you I got hooked ).

Vudu Samsung 6500 Due Date Quality HDX Sample Booya Gadget

Quality Sample, RDJ and Zach. LOVE VUDU

Vudu Samsung 6500 Chapter Selections

Vudu Chapter Selections, Nice Touch.

Vudu Samsung 6500 17 Post View Rating Booya Gadget

Rate that Movie for an improved Customer Experience

After watching your NEW RELEASE :)  Vudu lets you quickly express your feelings about the flic you just consumed.  I always fill these reviews out because I like Vudu to cater “recommendations” for me.  And just like iTunes, Pandora, and Netflix the more you rate, the better your recommendations.


  • New Releases, High Quality, No “Netflix Wait”
  • Right to your Samsung with no other Devices
  • My wireless setup pumped out the Highest Quality
  • Very Fair price.  $5.99 for BEST quality, with Cheaper Options for Lower Quality ( still looks sweet on Samsung so you can save some dough if you don’t want to be able to see the BEST BEST quality )
  • Damn near if not equal to BluRay quality when you pay for their HDX.


  • No “rent to own”, if you like the movie, and want to purchase you still pay full. (This is a WHAMMY)
  • In “most” cases, you better hurry up and watch the movie, 24 hours to do so.  ( they have some specials for longer durations)
  • If Netflix can get me new releases faster and similar price, then Vudu dies instantly.  Because Netflix is King.
  • No Smart phone Integration.. No iPad, Xoom, iPhone, Android, Blackberry or Windows Phone 7 :(  But it’s ok, new releases aren’t meant to  be watched on a phone or tablet.

Vudu has changed my behavior, and it is costing my local Blockbuster money.  New releases can be consumed while sitting on the couch and no trip to the store or Blockbuster “candy and soda” upsells.   Well done Vudu.  Samsung owners, go try it tonight, and let us know what you think.   At this point, I’m all in.. ( unless Netflix gets new releases ! )  I like Vudu so much, I would consider fighting someone that disagreed assuming you’re not an MMA fighter or pugilist specialist.  MY RATING:  BADASS BOOYA!  Great Job Vudu.

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