Best Android Apps: 10 Great Apps for Parents

It’s difficult to keep up with all the technology out there, especially when you’re a busy parent.  Booya Baby reviewed over 50 applications designed specifically for parents and picked the top 10.  The research has been done for you and here it is…Booya Baby’s Top 10 Android Apps for Parents 2011:

  • 1 Baby ESP (by Hewitt Software)

Cost-4.99 (Trial Version is Free)

Android Market Review Score-5 stars

If you’re expecting a baby this app is for you.  It will save you time, organize your life, and help you provide the best care for your baby.  I hate to admit it, but I can’t tell you how many times I had to ask myself “whens the last time I changed his diaper?”, or “what time did he go to sleep?”  If you master this app…that will never happen to you. As a first time Dad of a now 16 month old son I was completely blown away with the detail and usefulness of the application.  Baby ESP is the only app I reviewed that received a 5 star rating, with nearly 2000 reviews that is a very difficult task at the Android Market.  Unfortunately, I didn’t discover this app until recently, but rest assured I will be using Baby ESP when we have our second child.

This app has it all!  In the most busy and overwhelming time of your life…Baby ESP helps you keep it together.  It does this by allowing you to track when your baby is eating, peeing, pooping, nursing, sleeping and so much more.  It will print out a detailed report or spit out statistics for you so you can identify patterns and begin developing a schedule.  You can set reminders for anything and everything, which will be the most useful aspect of the app for me.  Keep track of formula, milk, bath time, medication, pumping, and diapers with your magic fingers.  They left nothing out and they made it simple…definitely Booya Baby approved! Baby ESP

Baby ESP

  • 2 Sex Offenders Search (by Fibercode)


Android Market Review Score-4.5 stars

This application is absolutely a must own for any parent.  You will be amazed by how many registered sex offenders there are out there who can prey on innocent children.  This app gives you their exact address, picture, height, weight, and offense with the tap of your finger.  Another fantastic feature is that the database is updated on a daily basis.  It will automatically adjust to your location, but you can also search by address, city, or zip code.  I tried several other applications and this Sex Offender Search had no competitor.  For $1.99 you can know in full confidence if your next door neighbor is a registered sex offender, really that’s all I need to say.  Keep your family safe by having information about sex offenders in your neighborhood, near the park your child plays, and around your child’s school.  This app is simple and extremely powerful, I was surprised to discover that a man 2 blocks from my house was convicted of child molestation.  That’s just something I feel every parent needs to know.  Amazing App. Sex Offender Search

Sex Offender Serach

  • 3 Baby Center My Pregnancy (by Babycenter)


Android Market Review Score-4.5 stars

This application is like the “What to Expect When you’re Expecting” book in a powerful application.  If you are expecting, this free app will help you to track your pregnancy, educate you about your baby’s development, provide you a to do list, suggest activities, show videos, provide birth clubs for Moms, and much more.  My wife was hooked to the what to expect book, but she couldn’t always take it with her.  I secretly enjoyed the updates about my son’s development and what stage he was in.  I remember thinking “wow his ears are working, he can hear his daddy”.  This is a great way for Dads to keep up with their knowledge hungry (and plain ol hungry) partners.  This is an expecting family must have, even if you just want to fool around with it.  You’ll be hooked in no time. Baby Center My Pregnancy

Baby Center My pregnancy

  • 4 MedScape (by WebMD, LLC)


Android Market Review Score-4 stars

Is there anything more important than your child’s health?  This app is as in depth and thorough as you can imagine when it comes to medication, disease, surgeries, and research.  My wife is an amazing Mother, but she also doubles as a Registered Nurse during the day.  My wife actually uses this application at work as well as at home for our family.  Medscape is Mom, nurse, and Booya approved.  I have personally used it to research what my recent ankle surgery would be like before it happened.  The app can also tell you things like just how much infant Tylenol you should give a 16 month old.  If you want the latest FDA approved medication for a sickness or disease this app is fully loaded. The app contains over 6000 generic and brand name drugs, over 4000 disease and condition topics, and over 600 procedures (many have step by step videos).   A nice aspect of this app is once it downloads (takes about 20 minutes), you do not need to be connected via 3G or WiFi to have full access.  News, articles, an interaction checker, an amazing drug database and educational literature make this application a must have for parents seeking valuable knowledge for their family in the medical field. MedScape


  • 5 Life 360 Security Center (by Life360)


Android Market Review Score-4.5 stars

Okay I have to admit…I wanted this app just to see if I could really track my wife when she makes a trip to our neighborhood Fred Meyer.  It works.  Obviously I’m not giving my 16 month old a smart phone to check in with Mom & Dad, but it is nice to know I have the option to keep track of my family members.  You can purchase a small GPS devise from Life360 to put on your pet or your child if you so desire.  My favorite feature of this app is the “check in”, this way when I forget my wife was having lunch with her friend I don’t panic when I get home from work and she’s not there.  The free app also incorporates a sex offender search and panic/ family alert button.   As soon as I launched the application it tracked my location to within 40 feet.  It was very easy to set up my wife’s phone (you can either send them an invite, or take the phone and do it yourself).  I don’t have a teenager, but I’m sure this would be a wonderful application to make sure they are where they’re supposed to be.  One downside, as with all apps that utilize GPS, it does drain your battery life quickly.   This app is customizable, simple, and fun…I would strongly recommend giving it a go. Life Security 360

Life 360 Security Center

  • 6 White Noise (by TM Soft)

Cost-$1.99 (Lite Version is Free)

Android Market Review Score-4.5 stars

This is a straight forward and simple app that you can use anywhere you need your baby to sleep.  It’s kind of like a pack-n-play because you can take it with you, on trips, at your in-laws, or even while riding in the car.  White noise has been a proven sleep aid helping parent’s sooth their babies and children worldwide.  This application combines 40 of the most amazing ambient sounds in a nice little package that is user friendly and very effective.  It’s a can’t miss and must add to your parent app collection. White Noise

White Noise

  • 7 Toddler Lock (by Macro Nelissen)

This is Booya Baby’s features app with a dedicated article and demo video .  Click on the link below and be amazed by an app that locks your phone and entertains your toddler.  This app is simple and extremely useful.

Booya Baby Toddler Lock Featured Article w/video

  • 8 Our groceries (by Headcode)

Cost-Free ($4.99 if you want no ads)

Android Market Review Score-4.5 stars

How this app checks in at #8 just shows how deep this top 10 is.  I LOVE this app!  I really have an aversion to grocery shopping, so when I do go…I want to get in and out as quickly as possible.  My wife unfortunately does not have this issue.  So when I saw this app I had to try it.  I guess this is not necessarily a parent only app, but since becoming a parent I have spent much more time at the store.  The absolute best feature of this app is you can sync the grocery list with you partner, and make changes that show up in a matter of seconds.  So fellas…when your wife is at the store and you forgot to tell her to grab you a 6-pack, you better believe it, you can instantly add it to the list.  Um…SPECTACULAR right?  The grocery list is simple to make, there are an endless number of categories, and you can type search items as well.  You can create your own categories and items, but everything you need is already loaded.  I will probably never shop again without this app and I hope they continue to upgrade as there seems to be so much potential here.  This may have been my favorite, but only because I can’t stand the grocery store, thus the slide to #8 for the people. Our Groceries

Our Groceries

  • 9 Intellijoy Kids Educational Games (by Intellijoy)

Cost-$1.99-$3.99 (Lite Versions Free)

Android Market Review Score-Range from 4 to 5 stars

I am always weary when it comes to kids games as I do not want my son to be attached to a TV, Ipad, or smart phone.  However, there are times as a parent when you just need a little time to do the laundry, wash dishes, or take a break.  I LOVE the variety of games on the Android market by Intellijoy.  This collection of games is simple to use, fun, and most importantly educational.  Intellijoy does a wonderful job incorporating shapes, numbers, colors, letters, and puzzles to keep kids busy and learning.  They even offer games in HD with much higher resolution for slightly more money ($3.99 instead of $2.99).  I do wish there was a package deal in which you could purchase all the games for a discounted price, but they do give you the option to try games with free lite versions before you buy.  Be careful…if you download one, you may want them all. Intellijoy Educational Games

Kids Math

  • 10 Alphabet Car (by Baby Cortex)

Cost-$3.09 (Lite Version is Free)

Android Market Review Score-4 stars

This game is fun.  The main attraction here is the Gyro (or tilt) technology used to drive the alphabet car (which is really a bus).  Your child will steer the bus by tilting the droid device to the right and to the left.  You will laugh as you watch their body language as they desperately try to run over letters to spell a word.  This app is relatively new, has clean simple 3D graphics, and utilizes the very cool Gyro technology.  As you advance levels you can upgrade and customize your car/bus.  There are over 40 levels so kids at various stages of development can play.  Spelling is the key and learning and fun combine in this app that rounds out Booya Baby’s top 10.  Alphabet Car BOOYA!

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