Best Xoom Accessories: Arkon Portable Fold-Up Stand for Apple iPad, Galaxy Tab, BlackBerry Play Book

Do you have a Motorola Xoom or Tablet from Apple, or Blackberry ?  Are you tired of leaning it against the couch, or using heavy containers to keep it vertical ?  Well trust me, you’re are going to love this MUST-HAVE Xoom Accessory the Portable and folding stand made by Arkon and purchased at Amazon for $13 USD !  Unfortunately there are little to zero options right now when it comes to quality cases or stands for the Xoom in particular.  Yes, my beloved tablet rocks the Anroid Honeycomb 3.0 operating system, but even I’m getting tired of resting it on ghetto makeshift “stands” if you can call Gojo Soap bottles “stands”.  I had to read a couple Amazon reviews of the Arkon myself before pulling the trigger, and I love this damn stand.  I love it almost like it’s family. YES, I love you Arkon folding stand.

Must Have Xoom Hardware the Arkon Folding Stand

$13 from Amazon, Folding, portable, just buy it and be an owner like me.

It folds up, it stows away, it is $13 damn dollars and I’m using it RIGHT NOW.  My Xoom is chilling on this stand next to my laptop as I type this article and watch “Alone in the Wilderness”.  I like it enough that I pumped out 22 pictures for you at our Flickr Page, and gave you a link directly to Amazon for what I currently consider a Best Xoom Accessory, and a must-have.  You get the gist..  It folds, it stows, it shows off your Xoom.   Watch it portrait, landscape, straight up, 45 degrees.  Yikes, I don’t know what else to tell you.  The Arkon folding stand CAN SLICE BREAD.  I’ve tried it with whole wheat 9 grain, and the toast I made afterwards even tasted incredible.

Xoom Stand Arkon Portable Fold-Up Stand for Apple iPad, Galaxy Tab, BlackBerry Play Book

Soft Rubber Landing Spots for your Yuppy Tablet. love it.

According to our stats, you trust Booya Gadget’s opinion on Best Android and Xoom hardware and accessories, and for $13 you should keep on trusting us !  This is  a short review, for a highly recommended item, because there’s nothing more I can say, it works, and it’s cheap. Buy the Xoom folding stand at Amazon right now, check out the price and reviews with your own eyes.  Thank us by subscribing to us at your choice of social media tool at our Booya Communications page!

Best Xoom Stand Arkon Portable Fold-Up Stand for Apple iPad, Galaxy Tab, BlackBerry Play Book

Portrait mode, no sweat for the Arkon

BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE! I love this stand so much, I uploaded 22 additional pictures of this Best Tablet Accessory at our Flickr page just to push you over the edge for purchase.  You won’t regret it, especially not at $13.

We have a ton of information on tablet/Xoom/Android hardware, and we show you the best Apps and Games, and even our NEW coverage of Booya Baby, which is gadgets,toys, and must have apps for the parents out there.  We love it, BOOYA !

Must Have Tablet Accessories Arkon Portable Fold-Up Stand for Apple iPad, Galaxy Tab, BlackBerry Play Book

Here she is, folded up waiting for your purchase.

Arkon’s IPM-TAB1 is an exceedingly travel-friendly tablet computer stand designed for use with nearly all new lightweight tablet computers such as the Apple iPad and others. A quality user-friendly stand is an essential tablet accessory for enhancing your mobile computing experience. The desktop stand frees up your hands so you can watch movies, read an eBook or recipe, surf the web, conduct a presentation, view photos, read displayed sheet music, or conduct any other activity that would benefit from a foldable easel type of stand.
Watch the Video review of the Arkon Tablet Stand for Xoom iPad Galaxy Playbook Now

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  1. BooyaCuz says:

    This thing is still my favorite accessory, so much that I had to make this short video. Great purchase at $13