Best Xoom Apps: SNesoid, Play Super Nintendo with Wii Classic Controller

SNesoid is the 2nd app by Yongzh that makes our exclusive Must-Have list, of the absolute top apps for the Motorola Xoom.  This also works on other Androids, like myTouch 3g slide, but for optimal playing experience I highly recommend that you consider acquiring both a Wii Motion controller AND a Wii Classic Pro.  This app is a very badass SNES emulator, and the developer is the King of emulation.  There are 2 versions of the App, a Full Version(HERE), and the Free(HERE) at the Android Market.  I recommend trying out the Free flavor just to get a taste before dropping the $3.99 for the full app.  I like the app/game so much I definitely bought the full version to show some love to Yongzh because I love his work.  Regardless, both Nesoid and SNesoid are 2 apps that everyone in the galaxy should have in their arsenal.

** UPDATE JUNE 2011:  SNesoid got yanked from the Market:

** Update APR 2012 lol, Snes 9x Ex also got yanked, so now you’ll to google snes apk or similar they still exist  **

Best Xoom Apps SNesoid Super Mario World Wii Classic Pro Booya Gadget

Super Mario World with Wii Classic Pro on Xoom. the Best !


The downside of this optimal setup, is that you need BOTH a Wii Motion Controller($40) AND a Wii Classic($15). So, that is a legit number for the budget concious but keep in mind with SNesoid this means you can have 100+ SNES games, which makes this app priceless. I’m not even counting the fact that you can use the Wii Motion Plus with Nesoid as well!

Wii Controller Connect on Xoom Classic Pro SNesoid Booya Gadget

$20 local, Cheaper Online

SNesoid does provide on-screen controls, that you can toggle on or off, but the addition of the “shoulder buttons” in Super Nintendo games makes the Wii controllers the only way to roll.  We already have an guide to “how to connect your Wii remote to your Android“, although it’s not specific for using the Wii Classic, the principles are the same and you should be able to complete the task.  If you  are a Motorola Xoom owner rolling the Android 3.0 Honeycomb O.S. I am telling you right now that it works, and it works extremely well, so just pick up the software and hardware and iron out the wrinkles later.  It should not take more than 5-10 minutes to figure out the bluetooth connection, setup and optimization for the first time.  After you figure it out, you’ll be setup way faster for future play.  Download the Free WiiMote app on Android HERE.

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Watch Our Great SNesoid Video Gameplay Demonstration on the Xoom!


Certainly I use both Nesoid and SNesoid in tandem depending on my mood.  The #1 game I play on SNesoid is the friggin all-time classic Super Mario World, and the Final Fantasy/Zelda/Griffey and Super Mario KART fans out there will be totally pumped as well.  These games are also small files to store on your Tablet or Droid, for about 75 games, I have a folder that takes up only about 150 MB.  So these files are ballpark similar to Mp3 files, some smaller some larger.  Generally the size of these SNES Roms is insignificant.

Best Xoom Apps Game Rom selection list Wii Classic Pro

About 75 Games at within reach of my Capacitive Stylus

You’ll need to acquire the actual SNES game files which are called “Roms” it’s a bit of a shady biz, but you can reach out to friends/forums/ or just do a little google searching to find some test files that you can play.  Obviously without having these games the application will be rendered worthless.  Sneak in a peek of SNESoid on the Xoom in our Video Podcast.


Best Xoom Apps SNesoid HDMI Out Super Tennis Wii Classic Pro Booya Gadget

HDMI out for SNES from your 46″ LED LCD with Wii Classic Pro

One feature that Nesoid(nintendo) has that SNesoid does not is full screen mode.  The game won’t be full screen, and I didn’t even find the option to turn this on, but it does not take away from the awesome nostalgic experience that you are about to have.  With that said, the graphics are the EXACT SAME quality as the historic SNES.  The next question you may have, is “can I connect it via HDMI out to my TV” and that is a big whopping YES.  I do it all the time.  There are no tricks here for Xoom owners, just fire up SNesoid and connect your MICRO HDMI out to your TV.  You can sit on the couch, and play Super Nintendo on your TV and it is awesome.

Best Xoom Games Apps Snesoid Super Nintendo Wii Controller Booya Gadget FF2

WTF? don’t steal crystals, not very Booya !

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  1. cdvdawg says:

    I gotta say, I love your site man. This has been so helpful to me. I am a new Xoom user and playing old NES games on it with my Wii controller has been awesome! Thanks for all your efforts!

    • BooyaCuz says:

      Thanks Dawg..
      This topic in particular has certainly been our pleasure to share information with everyone !
      Even with all the great games of today, I’m still a total sucker for the old school classics.


  2. BooyaCuz says:

    SNesoid is gone, here is a new Super nintendo emulator ( FREEBIE ) that I tested already for you, works pretty much EXACTLY the same..

  3. BooyaCuz says:

    looks like the app got yanked from the app store. you’ll have to search for snesoid apk and install it manually

  4. BooyaCuz says:

    So pumped I get to revive my Super Nintendo with this app!