Best Android Games: X Construction Review and Crossings 1-10 Spoiler

X Construction is a simple game in which you build a bridge to get your little train across ravines and ditches.  I struggled at first because i’m not an architect or engineer, but once you get used to success you will have a blast playing this game.  I play it on the Motorola Xoom, but is absolutely available on other Android Devices.  At the time of this article, it was not available to iPhone iPad users but I wouldn’t be surprised if it is in the future.  Check out our Video Podcast of X Construction Crossings 1-10.

Best Xoom Games Apps X Construction Crossing 1-10 Spoiler Booya Gadget

Paid and Free(lite) versions available at the Android Market

The graphics won’t blow your mind away, but you may want to jump off the very bridge you’re building once you reach the infamous Crossing 7 and Crossing 11.   For the power players, the key is to use the least amount of Girders possible, and in later levels they even throw in some cabling for you to utilize to help you guide your train safely over the various gaps.  This game gets real nasty, real quick, and you will actually have to focus and pay attention, but don’t take it too seriously.  If your train falls, and your engineering negligence ends up killing every passenger you can just edit where you left off and improve the strength of your weak areas!  Failing is easy to just edit, and best of all no lawsuits !

I got hooked on X Construction so it now makes our “Best Android Game/Apps list”!  It is available as a free trial (HERE)  or the Paid Download (HERE for $1.43 USD)  As usual I would definitely recommend you give the trial a shot, almost 50,000 reviews and a 4.5 star rating so hope you’re not missing out !  I like to support developers and swiftly upgraded to the paid version once I decided I had a spot in my heart for this game.  This game is not for everyone, but those who like a challenge, and perhaps an engineering type mind will appreciate having this in their Android ( or Xoom ) game arsenal.

X Constructions  is simple in concept, but can be very complicated to solve.  Upon failing some bridge-builds like Crossing 7 (lol when you get there) your train will fall and you will hear the terrified screams of the passengers that had no idea their safety was in the hands of an Android owner.

Best Android Games X Construction Puzzles Tutorial Crossings 1-10 Booya Gadget

Crossing 3 is a breeze, wait till Crossing 7 and Crossing 11 !


  • Try your own design
  • Use “Triangles”
  • Use Surface mount points(white dots on the ground)  to secure your girders(beams)
  • Experiment with totally different solutions
  • Don’t kill your passengers
  • Beat the level successfully, then go back and try removing extra pieces for a higher score!
  • ** CROSSINGS 11-14 Video Guide Now Available !!  **

If you came here for the SPOILER !  A High Def solution to levels 1-10 then wait no more.   Something to remember about this game is that my solutions are NOT the only solutions.  Use my total spoilers if you need help, but for maximum enjoyment I would encourage you to try your own creative builds first. View Crossings 1-10 Below or CLICK HERE to watch on our YouTube Channel.

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  1. BooyaCuz says:

    Added the video podcast :) Booya !

  2. BooyaCuz says:

    Thx it was a fun video to make. The real magic is that I can now record my xoom in 720! What’s interesting about the bridge builds is that they are sensitive. Remove/change 1 girder or cable and people will die on a virtual train. Ilearned this the hard way.

    The power players try to get the train across with as few beams as possible. I am not a power player for x construction but the video will be helpful to folks that get stuck.

  3. BooyaTRJ says:

    I love this video. Some of those bridges looked pretty unstable, but they held up.

  4. 808eagles says:

    That looks way too hard! Nice article…great music. I’m gonna have to give it a try.

    • BooyaCuz says:

      thx. I wasn’t sure about it. didn’t know WTF I was doing.. then I got hooked on the tougher levels.
      just one more Girder(beam) can save the lives of your passengers. It’s nothing fancy, but it’s easy to get hooked.

      try the free version go through level 5, then 6,7,11 might make you pause lol..
      i’m on 11 still.. there definitely is a lot of geometry going on.