Easy Tutorial: Optimize Movies for Xoom with Handbrake

Are you trying to get your Video, DVD and Movie collection on your shiny new Motorola Xoom ? I’ve already done all the work for you and it is “damn simple”.  I’ve tested the hell out of this and have it down cold. In this article I will show you everything you need to know. There seems to be some myth floating around that it’s too difficult with Handbrake which is FREE and OPEN SOURCE.  This couldn’t be more simple, and you don’t have to pay $9.99 for DVD Catalyst so you can have a 1-click setup.  Sorry Catalyst, I’m about to undercut your sales. Try this, and if you love it like me, then spend your money on sweet apps like Nesoid or TapaTalk(forum App).

Handbrake does appear at a glimpse to be optimized for Apple iPad,iPhone,iPod but I use it for all my android devices.  You can do it too after reading this totally easy setup.  One of the best features about the Handbrake app is that you can batch up videos.  Yes, you can do the ‘ol “Set it and forget it”  like they do in the Ron Popeil pasta maker.  I do it all the time, you don’t have to have a degree from M.I.T. just relax and let Booya Rock you through this process, I promise it won’t hurt a bit.

Enough rambling, let’s walkthru step by step on how to set this up.  You will look back and laugh at the days “before you used Handbrake”.. I have no clue why people think this is tough, I’m tired of debating about it at the Forums.  In about 10 minutes, you will be loving BooyaGadget for writing this, which is why you should subscribe to our newsletter to be notified of new helpful articles( not published, max 1 email per day if new postings).   I will now remove your fears of using this simple tool, and one of my favorite applications for video conversion.  ** NOTE ** You can use Handbrake for other droid devices as well, this is specific for the Xoom, but it works, because I rock Handbrake to convert for my Windows Phone 7 AND myTouch 3G slide.

1.  Download Handbrake for your PC ( multiple operating systems supported )

2.  Fire up Handbrake, let’s setup a couple quick options for a good experience

  • Tools / Options and set a default Folder and naming convention. This places your conversions in nice folder, how about you call it: “Xoom Optimized Files” or “Droid Movies”  naming convention will set your vids so you don’t have to every time.  This is set it and forget it type stuff.
  • use default settings for *iphone iPod Touch*  Just start with this, we’ll change in a second.
Xoom Droid Movie Video Conversion how to Booya Gadget

Set a default folder, really makes life easy also a naming convention

Xoom Android Movie Video conversion optimization

I start with the defaults for iphone ipod touch

2.  Create a damn Preset, this is the magic, See bottom right, “ADD”.. you can make your own profile optimized for YOUR DROID! Holy crap this is easy, WTF is the malfunction ?

How To Xoom Movies-Video Handrake Tutorial Booya Gadget

Make a New preset, call it Xoom or Droid, Love us ?

3.  If you’re all freaked out about storage, then limit the size by DEFAULT if you want.  I went as low as 500mb, but I think 750MB or 1GB is look the best.  I didn’t like the way “Hurt Locker” looked as 500MB, but I prefer Quantity over Quality.  This is a personal call.  Just test a few sizes, OR don’t limit the file size.  I converted BlueRay Iron Man and got it down to 2GB to me, that’s too big for a 32 GB wifi Xoom.  I converted the same file again, and restricted to 1GB..  I couldn’t tell the difference between that and 1GB and 2GB.  In business this is called diminishing returns or economy of scale for my fellow Business Graduates.

How To Xoom Movies-Video Handrake Tutorial Booya Gadget

Try 500, 750, MB or 1GB the lower the worse quality your call.

4.  Before you’re ready to rock, just double check that you max out the “picture” resolution, although this should already be complete if you correctly set this when creating your new Preset.  No worries, just click UP UP UP on the resolution setting, “KEEP ASPECT RATIO” should be checked, and if you’re rocking a Xoom, don’t go above 1280.   You’re actually ready to go now :)  but i’m gonna sell you on setting up a BATCH so you don’t have to do these manually. After your first successful test, or before ensure that you select PRESETS/SAVE PRESET.  Then you will have the video editing/rendering gift that gives the whole year round.

How To Xoom Movies-Video Handrake Tutorial Booya Gadget

Queue it up for Batch Mode. Set it and Forget it

How To Xoom Movies-Video Handrake Tutorial Booya Gadget

Cranking on a batch for me, 1 click multiple flics

5.  After your first test run, it’s time to copy this file to your Xoom or Droid.  Ignore the nasty gram message that the file copy gives you.  You will be enjoying this movie after the file copy.  If you’re eating popcorn, eat with your left hand so you don’t grease up your screen.  If you’re wondering about screen protectors, I use Skinomi TechSkin and like it very much, I’m thinking it could take a bullet.

How To Xoom Movies-Video Handrake Tutorial Booya Gadget

When copying Ignore this, it works

Xoom Movie Player mVideo Freebie App demo Booya Gadget

Here is some Proof Pudding for you to enjoy!

A great movie App that shows thumbnails and file names that I use is:  mVideoPlayer this smokes the default video player.  Why don’t they make the default video player actually good ?  It’s worthless if you can’t see the name of the frigging file.  That really grinds my gears and raises my rage-meter to code-red.  This player is free, so virtual high five us in the comments if you are feeling this whole article and how helpful it was.

If something goes haywire, just double check your settings !!! This works, I have too many devices totally rocking my Movie Collection smooth and sweet for someone to convince me otherwise.  Can we get a follow/like/sub now ?  Don’t be stingy, let us help you more I do this type of crap all the time. ( although I do really enjoy it :)


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You are now a Xoom video conversion expert.  I also recommend visiting and joining a Droid or Xoom related forum like Android Central I hang around there all the time.

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  1. BooyaCuz says:

    How easy is this ? ( Xoom, Droid, myTouch 3g slide ) use iphone ipod touch as your starting point. Then create your own Preset, readers share your success with me please, I know this has helped at least 194 people per the stats from the last 2 days alone.

    I also use this for my Wp7.. Friggin BOOYA !