Froyo 2.2 finally arrives for myTouch 3g slide How To and Gotchas!

Wow, first my Windows Phone 7 got the nice update, and finally my (retired) myTouch 3g slide gets Love from HTC and T-Mobile.  Yes, Froyo is finally available for the amazingly patient slide owners.  I must have personally sent T-Mobile about 20 irate “Tweets” just to vent some frustration.  This is NOT an OTA Update, you need elbow grease, a USB cable, a visit to the HTC website and about 10-20 minutes.   I’ll cover most of the install process here, and you can view our set on Flickr if you want to see more of the pictures and guts of this operation.   Below are the features, tips, and here’s a link to the “What’s New Guide” PDF which is a good quick read.  Overall this took me about 10-15 minutes including brain farts.  Now I want to go fill up my 16GB SD Card, finally.

Froyo 2.2 Android MyTouch 3g slide update 11

Android 2.2.1 FroYo Features ( Click HERE to see our take on what you’ll actually use! )
• Wi-Fi calling
• Wi-Fi hotspot
• USB Tethering (Internet Sharing)
• Low storage (User Data) notification mechanism ***THANK GOD***
• Resolves issues with text and picture messaging ***THANK GOD***
• Resolves some Bluetooth compatibility issues
• Improves compatibility with new Bluetooth devices
• Improves stability and reliability of the device
• Other various minor bug fixes



Instructions From HTC ( straight from the site )

***NOTE: Do not plug the device into the computer until instructed to***

  1. Download both HTC_Sync_3.0.5511.exe and the system update below and save both files to the Desktop of your PC.
    • Files:
    • HTC_Sync_3.0.5511.exe
    • T-Mobile_myTouch_3G_Slide_Software_Update_2.15.531.3.exe
  2. On the desktop on your PC, locate downloaded file HTC_Sync_3.0.5511.exe, and double click on the icon to begin installation process.
    • To view installation instructions for HTC_Sync_3.0.5511.exe, see HTC Sync installation instructions below
  3. After completing the installation of HTC_Sync_3.0.5511.exe on your PC, ensure the myTouch 3G Slide is powered on and at the Home screen, then connect it to the computer using the supplied USB cable
    • If the HTC Sync wizard appears on the PC screen, simply dismiss the wizard by pressing the Cancel button
  4. Locate the system update file on your Desktop named T-Mobile_myTouch_3G_Slide_Software_Update_2.15.531.3.exe and double click the icon to start the update
  5. When the wizard appears, check the box and tap Next

If you get here, things are looking good baby!
5 during rom update Froyo 2.2 Android MyTouch 3g

If you do get the ERROR 170 Code like I did the first time in my haste of ignore instructions, it tells you to yank the battery, for a little hard reboot.  I didn’t do that, I just power-cycled, and realized I totally ignored the HTC Sync software installation, as well as only enable sync from the usb connection screen.  If you didn’t just skip the HTC sync install then check out these troubleshooting tips from HTC and verify that you are rocking the correct prerequisites for install.  I had to check, because I only use this phone for Words with Friends as an expensive alarm clock.  My phone was out of shape a little.3 error warning install htc solved Froyo 2.2 Android MyTouch 3g


  • Device has 25mb of User Data available
  • Battery should have a charge of at least 30%
  • Task Manager or Task Killer applications installed on the device must be turned off and uninstalled to avoid them interfering with the update process
  • A Windows-based PC with an active internet connection
    • The user must have administrator rights on the PC in order to install this software update
    • Windows XP SP2+, Windows Vista, or Windows 7 required
  • The USB cable supplied with the device

Device is currently running software number 1.27.531.1 release-keys or 1.35.531.1 release-keys

  • Software number can be checked by navigating to Settings > About phone > Software information and locating the Software number


If the update fails with Error 170, take the following steps:

  1. Dismiss the error message on the PC
  2. Unplug the device from the PC
  3. Take the battery cover off and remove the battery from the device
  4. Replace the battery and battery cover
  5. Power the unit back on
  6. Once the device is fully booted and at the Home screen, plug the device back into the PC
  7. On the device, drag the notification bar down from the top of the screen
  8. Tap on Select to change USB connection type and select HTC Sync then tap Done
  9. Locate the system update file on your Desktop named T-Mobile_myTouch_3G_Slide_Software_Update_2.15.531.3.exe and double click the icon to start the update
  10. Continue with the software upgrade process

WHAT SHOULD YOU DO WITH YOUR FANCY NEW OS? Booya will tell you some sweet tricks to do tonight!

Now that you and I both have our phones updated, time to go make it dance.  Although this video is featuring my new badass Motorola Xoom, you can play nintendo and super nintendo on your myTouch 3g Slide with the Best app Nesoid or even Snesoid.  At the end of the video, I show you the NES Classic Donkey Kong on YOUR SLIDE.  Click HERE–> to learn how to connect your Droid with a Wii Remote! for a sweeeet Nintendo or Super Nintendo gaming experience.  It rocks.

While you’re at it, why don’t you upload some music to the Cloud with Amazon’s streaming service which ALL Booya Gadget staff members have already done. We are loving it and recommend it! Upload your music to the Cloud, and download the app from the marketplace. 5GB free, that’s about 1500 songs, I highly recommend it! Enjoy your Froyo 2.2.1 update, I am far less angry now that I have what I want. ( spoiled consumer! )
Very Booya!

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