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Google gives 1GB of space to every user that signs up for Picasa Web Albums.  However, it wouldn’t take long before that GB was gone and forced you to either look for other ways to upload your personal photos and videos. Now that has changed.  Google has made an adjustment to how their uploads work and while you still only get 1GB free when you sign up, not everything counts towards that total.

Uploaded images that are less than 800 pixels and videos that are less than 15 minutes in length no longer count towards your overall storage space.  The short story is that if you stay within those boundaries you will have unlimited storage at Picasa Web Albums.

Understandably, most Picasa Web users probably upload their photos with the intention of creating a backup and like to upload the original photo.  For those users you can still purchase more storage starting at just $5/year.

For a hard core user of Picasa Web Albums this is great news.  I have used this service to back-up all of my photos and videos and  I currently have an 80gb plan with Google that cost me $20/year.  Before the change I had crossed the 60GB mark and now I am back at 45GB.  This was a pleasant surprise from Google and makes for one happy Picasa User.

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