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InStep Bike Trailer Booya Baby

10 Years ago there is no way I would have made the following statement…”man I can’t wait to go on a bike ride with my family”.  But since my purchase of the smooth InStep Sync Bicycle Trailer, I’ve been having hours of fun doing just that.  Summer and sunshine are on the way and there is no better outdoor experience for a family man, or woman, then a bike trip to your neighborhood park or romp through the closest bike trail.  Not only do you get a work out, but you get to spend quality time with the people you love most.  Honestly, some of the best times in my life with my wife before we had our son, who is now 16 months old, were riding around on our bikes together.  It was like our own little adventure. InStep Sync Single Bicycle Trailer, Green/Gray (See it on

Joy Ride

Now not only do we pack up our lunch, water bottles, and rain gear…we can also pack up our son.  Because we have so much fun riding bikes together the purchase of a bike trailer after our son turned one was an absolute must.  Ladies if you really want quality time with your man (especially if he’s an outdoor type), this is a great way to get it.  Pick out some decent bikes within your budget (we have his & hers Schwinn Solitare’s, $244 @ Wal-Mart, great buy), grab a bike trailer if you have a child and get out there.  I guarantee you’ll enjoy yourself and be happy to be exercising; pedaling down the street with a smile on your face.  If your kid is anything like mine…he/she will love it too.


The goal of this article is to show you exactly what you will be getting when you purchase the InStep Sync Bicycle Trailer.  I will show you what’s in the box, how to assemble the trailer, how to attach it to your bike, and what it looks like rolling down the street.  I do this because I care.  I love reading reviews of items before I purchase them and I appreciate a thorough and in depth write up.  It helps me feel good about spending my hard earned $$$, especially when buying online (I purchased the trailer from Wal-Mart Site to Store).

InStep Bike Trailer Booya Baby

Cost and Assembly

The InStep Sync Bike Trailer is only $85.54 at Wal-Mart:

If you have two kids  would strongly recommend checking out the InStep Quick N EZ Bike Trailer, which also received excellent reviews and it’s only slightly more expensive $109.54.

So far I have been very impressed with the trailers sturdy build, durability, and ease of use.  The assembly was also surprisingly easy.  The trailer is practically put together for you in the box.  In my opinion the engineering behind the simple yet sturdy design worked perfectly and made getting the trailer from box to street simple and almost fun.  This assembly really should take you no longer then 15 minutes (especially if you use Booya’s step by step unbox & assembly video)

The frame and seat are already put together, you just have to fold out the sides snap a bar in place and bam!  You see what it will look like.  The Tires just snap in place, the canopy has buttons…easy to maneuver straps…and some Velcro.

Attaching the Trailer to your Bike

The trailer was nearly as easy to attach to my bike as it was to put together.  Basically you will be removing the nut from your back tire, attaching the trailer, and screwing the nut back on…simple right.  Here are some visual step by step instructions to make it even easier:

Step 1

Remove the nut and washer from your back tire

InStep Bike Trailer Booya Baby

Step 2

Place tab washer from trailer on the axle

InStep Bike Trailer Booya Baby

Step 3

Place the coupler plate on the axle with the big hole on the bottom.  (hard part is alighning the little knobs on the washer with the holes on the plate)

InStep Bike Trailer Booya Baby

Step 4

Put nut and washer back on (at this point you’ve done most of the work)

InStep Bike Trailer Booya Baby

Step 5

Insert tow bar in the hole

InStep Bike Trailer Booya Baby

Step 6

Insert locking pin & secure safety loop on the pin

InStep Bike Trailer Booya Baby

Step 7

Wrap safety strap around the bike frame and BOOYA!…your ready to ride.

InStep Bike Trailer Booya Baby

5-Point Safety Harness

If you have a child one or older I am sure you are very familiar with strapping your child in to a car seat.  This process is very similar to the 5-point safety harness for the bike trailer.  The main thing to remember is to adjust the shoulder strap height so it fits properly on your child.  There are 3 different heights you can choose from.



  • Cheap (under $100)
  • Easy assembly & trailer hitch (you’ll be riding the same day you get it)
  • 5-point harness is very customizable
  • smooth ride, easy pulling
  • sturdy, durable, & light weight
  • Slick look


  • Not absolutely rain proof (my sons feet got a little wet in the rain)
  • Tires don’t seem high quality (also flat upon arrival)
  • You have to undo the canopy to put your child in (not easy to get him/her out quickly)
  • Your son/daughter may cry when you stop riding (sorry…can’t ride all day son)


This was by far the most fun project I have worked on for Booya Baby.  The feeling of accomplishment after assembly and trailer attachment was fantastic.  What was even better was my sons smiling face as soon as we started riding around.  Going on family bike rides is now the activity I look forward to every weekend (if the weather permits), and it all wouldn’t be possible without the very slick, easy to assemble, fun to use InStep Sync Bicycle Trailer.  I would strongly recommend picking up this little gadget so you too can enjoy the outdoors in style with your family.  BOOYA!

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About the Author: Booya Cuz and Booya TRJ We are out of the great Pacific Northwest and enjoy writing these helpful articles and videos for you.

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  1. georgelathemjr says:

    booya 808
    Best review ever. I am ashamed to admit I couldnt figure out how the thing worked until I saw your pic showing the coil tube bent and realized that it does bend. Anyway, thank you and we are off to ride tomorrow with my 3 yr old. I did modify the seat a little to accomodate her size and length but it is still safe.

  2. delias says:

    THANKS so much for the review and all the work you put in to show what the trailer is like. It was almost as good as going to a store and checking it out in person. Will definitely make an impact on my decision!
    I do have a few questions: you mentioned that the seat is a hammock seat and that some suggest using a pillow for comfort. Is there room for a pillow under the seat, or does the child have to sit on the pillow? Is the child’s bottom separated from the ground only by the fabric of the seat?

    THANKS AGAIN for all the work you put into this!

    • 808eagles says:


      Thanks for the positive feedback. It will definitely inspire me to continue doing thorough reviews.

      I believe I understand your question and have an answer. There is an area between the hammock seat and the under-lining of the trailer you could put a pillow in. The material of both the seat and the bottom of the trailer seem the same. It would have to be a pretty small pillow, but I believe it would work well. It would likely affect the height setting of the 5-point harness if you added the pillow (something to consider). Good luck and thanks again…

      Booya 808

      • delias says:

        You’re awesome! Thank you so much! Keep on making the reviews. You’re very good at them.

  3. BooyaCuz says:

    great writeup on a sweet product. The youngster is looking extremely happy! the trailer seems very stable especially after watching you cruise around the neighborhood like that.

    good post, good product.

    • 808eagles says:

      Thanks Booya Cuz. I had a great time with the project. I just hope it helps people know what their getting. Summer is on the way and i’ll definitley be rolling around the neighborhood with my son and wife.