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Amazon App Thumbnail

Have you tried Amazon’s Appstore for Droid yet ?  You should !

It’s time to try something new!  Explore a fresh alternative to the the Android Market and try the all-new Amazon Appstore.  In general, I use both the Android Market default and Amazon, but the main reason I love Amazon’s version of application distribution is THEY GIVE AWAY A PAID APP FOR FREE EVERY DAY! No joke.  Unfortunately the Android Market doesn’t have freebies.  You should definitely try them both and compare to see which store you like best for searching, navigating, and purchasing apps for your spendy device.


Every single day of the week, Amazon gives away a paid application ( or even great games ) absolutely free, no strings attached.  You will immediately see what the day’s free application is when you go to the Amazon Appstore online or when you open the application on your Android device.  You can also follow Booya Gadget on Twitter and we’ll let you know what’s new.  This is free money, and free useful applications and games in your hands with a couple clicks…all YOU have to do is keep reading.

Amazon AppStore

How to Download your FREE Daily Paid App at the Amazon Appstore:

(If you’d rather see a video walk-through scroll down to the bottom of this article)

Step 1

  • Go to the Amazon Appstore online
  • Enter your phone number in “Get Started” section in the right top portion of the page
  • click “go”
  • As an Alternative ( if you want to try the cool way ) you can also scan the Amazon QR Code with your device’s barcode scanner app !
    Amazon App Store QR Code for Best Apps Booya Gadget

    Scan this with your device's QR/Barcode Scanner to Download the Amazon App

    Get started

Step 2

  • You will receive a text message shortly (Feel free to watch my video at the bottom of this page while you wait)
  • Before you go to the text you must allow “Unknown Sources” (Settings > Applications > Unknown Sources)
  • Go to the text and click on the link (this will begin the Amazon Appstore Download on your device)

Step 3

  • Once the App Store is downloaded, open the Appstore, sign in, and get your free paid app
  • Likely when you click on the FREE paid app for the first time you will have to set up your “One Click” settings on
  • A friendly courtesy link will take you there
  • Enter your phone number, billing address, and card you will be using to purchase apps in the future and you are all set up.  Booya!

You can now launch your Amazon Appstore at any time from your Android device and pick up a FREE paid application every day!  As Amazon clearly states, AT&T Android users are still not able to use the Amazon Appstore but it is known and will be updated soon.  Here is a sample of what they’ve been giving away:

Most recent free apps

It’s Easy & you’ll LOVE it

Downloading the Amazon Appstore is very easy to do and you’ll love getting a new paid game or useful application for free, especially when you know Android Market users are forking over cash for it.  I don’t know how long this sweet deal will last…so I would strongly recommend getting to it, start downloading free paid apps today.

Booya!  “Helping you save time and spend your money wisely….”

Leave a comment below, and let us know which Android App Store  you prefer !

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  1. BooyaCuz says:

    I use both. Definitely visit amazon daily for the freebies, but some apps/games are NOT available at both locations. Both are good and as I rule, I recommend you use both stores !