Best Android Apps for Parents: Baby Music Box (New) just released a new application called Baby Music Box at the Android Market…and Booya Baby is on the case.  The application is free and it’s been created to help soothe your child and put them to sleep.  If you’re old enough you remember having a musical stuffed animal with a pull string and you wanna bring back the OLD SCHOOL, you may enjoy this app.  It’s really simple; you pick a character, pull a virtual string, and for the next 5 minutes some of the all-time great lullabies play to help your child drift off to the Land of Nod.

Best Android Apps: Baby Music Box (New)

Best Android Apps: Baby Music Box (New)

A New Way to Put Baby to Sleep

One of the nicest features of the Baby Music Box is the 3D characters that move when you touch them.  I initially thought this app was just for babies, but my 17-month old son thoroughly enjoyed playing with the app.  He danced and swayed side to side as the characters hung and twisted in virtual space.  The application is not the most sophisticated piece of programming, but it did entertain my son and may do the job of helping your baby go to sleep.  Give it try and see what you think, it can’t hurt…it’s free.  Here’s what I thought about it after a test drive:


  • Simple-I really enjoyed the simplicity.  There are no bells and whistles, not even a menu, but it does what the developers say it will do
  • Entertaining sound and motion for kids-There are some old school lullaby songs that have been proven to work.  The pull string is easy so kids will have fun with it, this may not be as effective for the younger kids
  • 3D characters-LOVE the 3D characters…definitely one of the highlights of the app
  • My son’s response-This is the ultimate measure of any application in my opinion.  My son loved it.  He had fun busting a groove to the music and it made him smile.  No coomplaints here.


  • Only four characters-I felt there was room for more characters, songs, or both.  There is one character you can’t really make out; he kind of looks like Darth Vader with a magical staff.
  • Songs/chimes not the best sound-I wouldn’t necessarily call this music, it resembles more the styling’s of a 3 year old on a $10 keyboard.  My wife begged me to turn it off as the sound irritated her immediately.
  • 5 minute limit-Hopefully your child falls asleep within 5 minutes, otherwise you will have to pull the virtual string again and again.
  • No menu-This was one of the first apps I’ve ever reviewed with no menu…


Overall I think the app does what the developer says it will do, they have definitely developed a new way to soothe your baby.  I think there is room here for significant improvement…I would suggest an upgrade in sound quality and possibly a menu for more customization.  However, with this app in his hands, my son had a great time and enjoyed the 3D characters and music.  This is a new app that just hit the Android Market with a unique perspective on helping your baby sleep.  Try it out and let me know what you think of the virtual, string toting, 3D characters from and the Baby Music Box.  Booya!

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