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I am a both a heavy user and constant seeker for great News apps for my devices, especially my HTC HD7 Windows Phone 7… USA TODAY just jumped up to #1 by far, hands down, no doubt, and zero hesitation!  Besides the fact that it is free and has raving reviews from every reviewer so far, I instantly pinned it to my home screen, and raced to the computer to make sure every WP7 user I know downloads this must-have app!

I am certainly no stranger to the USA Today app, as I have it on my Xoom and even  installed in my Chrome Apps.  But the implementation of this News app on my HTC HD7 is one of the best I’ve seen so far.  I feel bad for the independent developers who have leveraged their RSS feed for cheap apps, because the real deal is free, and it is, as we commonly say at Booya: “Badass”.  This is what I want to use for the morning cup of coffee..

The main feature lacking is a live tile, but with the overall quality of this app I just don’t mind.  If they added weather to the live tile, this replaces my weatherbug and Weather Channel apps immediately.  I wasn’t even going to write a WP7 article today until I found my new BFF  USA Today app, and I stopped everything else and wrote this for you !

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This app available for download now has most everything you can want in a news app starting with popular topics: News, Money, Sports, Life, Tech, Travel, Sports Scores and even a very nice weather integration reading your current location ( if you allow it ).   Snapshots ia also a newer feature I hadn’t seen before which is tiny tidbits of information, that allows you to vote on a variety of topics very easily and get just a little digestable taste of cool info.  For example:  I just voted on “Are you confident that you w’ll be able to retire when you want to?”..  Stuff like that.

Best News Apps for Windows Phone 7: USA Today Booya Gadget

Standard News Topics, you'll get what you want


The Weather reporting in this app is excellent. Even if you look closely at the above topics picture ( or our 11 full pics at Flickr ) you will see a slightly rainy backdrop.  Yes, it was raining like hell today in Seattle, and my USA Today app background reflected this.  As I’m finishing this, the app’s background has changed to a dark moon backdrop, a nice touch!   The app plays friendly with and utilizes to present the weather.  In the settings you can allow it to use your location for an easy custom presentation, I tend to do this always for a “best customer experience”.   They make it obvious they use AccuWeather, a respected weather provider.  It’s not just current conditions, they also provide Regional Radar Maps, and the highly desireable 5 day forecast for golfers and bbq lovers.


The sports category is well done, small pics, a blurb, and click to get the details.  I was pleasantly surprised to have a great listing of the scores of all major sports.  The downside here is they are JUST SCORES, no recap, but if you just need to know who won the big game, this gets the job done.   If they added a recap button then again, they would be making other sports apps totally obsolete.  1 step away here, but still very good.  If you’re hardcore sports fan, then keep your ESPN Score Center app handy for sure.


YES!  Even Multi-Media works great, there is a dedicated section for photos which is quite wonderful, and the videos stream very well.  There is no dedicated video section, but articles linking to video are easily clicked to watch the video, and it’s also easy to return to the remainder of the story.  I don’t know who the hell their developers are, but I am giving them a virtual HIGH-FIVE right now, because this app is a game changer.  As far as I’m concerned it sets the precendent for what I expect out of an a News or Utility app on Windows Phone 7..  #$%)  Awesome.

Best News Apps for Windows Phone 7: USA Today Booya Gadget

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This app has many more features, but it’s free, and it’s the best News app and arguably one of the best Windows Phone 7 News/Weather Utility apps implemented to date so just go download it right now and give Booya a Virtual High Five!  Let us know what else you want to know about WP7, or confirm with me in the comments that you LOVE this app as much as me !


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  1. BooyaCuz says:

    This app is still impressive. I think it’s #1 ( non local ) news apps.. use it every single day, a very good customer experience.