How to 3-way / Conference Call on Windows Phone 7 SIMPLE!

It is very easy to do a conference or “3-Way” call using your Windows Phone 7 !  Let’s walk through it here with just a few pics and steps.  I would call this, “a piece of cake” and  a helpful, clutch little tip n trick for your WP7.  It’s really just a 3 step process, so let’s bang this out for you to save you some time.

How to 3-way / Conference Call on Windows Phone 7 Tutorial Booya Gadget

Yes, Easy to conference here's the proof. Totally Easy.

3 EASY STEPS :  How to 3-way Conference Call on Windows Phone 7

  1. Make the first Call
  2. After connected, press the DOWN ARROW key on the right of the screen and select ADD CALL
    • This will place your first caller on hold, and allow you to make another call.
  3. Dial your second call friend / co-worker.
    • Once connected, press the DOWN ARROW KEY again and select MERGE CALL!

This also works to leave a harassing 2 person phone call on the 3rd member’s voicemail like we did for our test ! Total Success, but more importantly a nice trick to know for your phone, and friggin easy as all hell.  BOOYA !


How to Conference Call 3-Way in WP7 Booya Gadget SIMPLE

Make your First Call

How to 3-way / Conference Call on Windows Phone 7 easy Booya Gadget

After ADD CALL, Your 1st Buddy is on Hold Until you MERGE CALLS

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