Sony’s Next Portable is the PS Vita, Starting at $249

Sony announced that the formerly known NGP would become the PlayStation Vita – WiFi and will be available to gamers starting at $249 for the WiFi only version.  AT & T will carry a 3G model that will be available for $299 and should be in our hands by the end of the year. Over 80 developers are rumored to be working on Vita titles and Sony is promising a very strong line-up by the launch date.  Some of the games expected to be launched on the new handheld were shared at the E3 Press Conference.

Sony PS Vita Booya Gadget (1)

Sony PS Vita Booya Gadget (1)

This is exciting news for the handheld community and I have to admit I am very excited for this product to hit the shelves.  With the rapidly growing tablet market and everyone carrying smartphones the true gamer in me was worried about the health of  hard core handheld gaming.  Don’t get me wrong, I love me some Angry Birds, but truth be told deeper titles like Kingdom Hearts are where my true gaming love resides.  Keeping the true portable gaming model alive means that the heavy hitter developers can keep bringing us expansive story-driven titles like the Uncharted Series.

The ability to cross-platform titles with my PS3 has always been a high priority for me as a handheld and console gamer.  I have always wanted my portable Sony console to be an extension of my home console.  Sony announced that the PS Vita will be able to cross-platform with some PS3 titles.  Wipeout will be one of those titles that supports this feature.  Be sure to grab up your Free Copy of Wipeout HD Fury for your PS3 from the Welcome Back Program if you haven’t already bought this high speed racer.

The handheld also supports “party chat,” which will enable gamers to chat with their Playstation friends across the network, regardless of which game they each are playing.

After the dust settled the news that brought joy to my heart was the price structure.  With $600 tablets becoming the norm and the fiasco of the price point of the PS3, I feared that Sony would cripple their latest handheld with a high price.  However, they delivered in my opinion with an affordable price and two very nice options.

WiFi only at $249 is a good price and a great option for a gamer like myself.  I am not going to change my carrier to get a PS Vita and I actually have no interest in a 3G gaming only handheld.  Keeping the price under 300 bucks makes this a day one purchase for me and keeps me excited for this release later this year.

You can pre-order today at Amazon – PlayStation Vita – WiFi



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About the Author: Booya TRJ is the graphics, news and Sony maniac. A former college track athlete, who now live vicariously through his NCAA football team. If he's not ten years deep in his dynasty then you might catch him rolling some Little Big Planet or polishing of the next adventure in the Uncharted Series.

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  1. BooyaTRJ says:

    Yeah the PSPgo was crippled by that 250 dollar price point. Sony would never admit it, but they killed the PSPgo with that. Slim re-launches are suppose to be smaller and cheaper.

    I was expecting the worst for the Vita (ie $399.99) so to see it at 250 makes happy. I am with you Diego, give me good size internal memory and bluetooth so I can run with this thing right out of the box. I would also like to connect this thing to an external monitor and play with my dualshocks.

    • BooyaCuz says:

      I just don’t know if I can see myself buying the Vita… my Xoom may be better right now

      • BooyaTRJ says:

        The Xoom is a better overall device today, but I am not sure I agree that come this Xmas it will be a better “gaming device” than the Vita. The Vita will rock a Quad-core ARM Cortex-A9 Processor and be supported by the best game developers.

        These are the games on my underpowered PSPgo today. Patapon, NBA 2K11, MLB The Show, Lego Pirates, Gran Turismo, Ratchet and Clank, LittleBigPlanet, Hot Shots Tennis, and Hot Shots Golf 2.

        As of today the only game on that list that could even be played on the much more powerful Xoom is NBA 2K11. I think the Tablet can eventually replace the portable gaming device, but until the best (or at least my favorite) developers shift their attention to the Tablet, a PS Vita will still have a place in my household.

        • BooyaCuz says:

          Hmmm.. PS Vita has a QUAD CORE CPU ?? you know that’s a hot button for me.. are you sure ? Regardless, there is nothing like reading the news on my tablet, I use my phone Way Less now. Once you get a taste of the beauty of the tablet, you won’t want Vita.

          But quad core is sexy.
          Problem is that I can game on the tablet, and I still have a damn awesome PS3 and XBox.

          I think it comes down to “who you are” and “how you game” ! As I always try to state: all this stuff is awesome if you have the budget. Glad I went to Washington State University so I could have a good career :) Go Cougs.

        • BooyaCuz says:

          I might simply buy the damn thing for Hot Shots Golf which is a massive favorite of team Booya Gadget…

          • BooyaTRJ says:

            Quad Core – I know a site that spec’d it out.

            Hot Shots Golf is kind of my point. Until there is a set of games that I want in the Android Marketplace I will still need a Sony portable gaming device.

            9 of my 10 PSPgo games are not available for Android. And my first 2 Vita purchase won’t be either. Hot Shots and Uncharted.

            Until that changes Sony has a market. I do agree that how you game is a big part. I travel alot so I need that Playstation to go with me.

  2. TheOnlyDiego1 says:

    After seeing the price I feel kind of ripped off by sony. The psp go was 250 dollars and the only thing that made the price like that was the Bluetooth and 16 gigs. Now that I see the PSVita is 250 I want Bluetooth and a reasonable internal memory. All in all I think it is a good price for a wifi model. I also have Verizon so I will not be taking chances.