Xoom HTJ85B update gives SD Card support. Honeycomb 3.2

Xoom owners are rejoicing with the latest update that provides the highly desireable Micro SD Card support.  Yes, even on my own 32 GB Wifi Model Xoom, I got the notification and easily installed update HTJ85B.   I can confirm right now that SD Card support works great and adds a massive amount of flexibility to my tablet options. Since I received the update in the evening, I had to wait a day before heading off to pickup my 32 GB Micro SD Card

Xoom Update SD Card Storage after HTJ85B Booya Gadget

32 GB of fresh new media storage...YES!

Update HTJ85B also includes an interesting “Zoom” feature to help enjoy mobile applications that were not intended for tablets. Once installed, you will receive a pop-up message on your screen describing how to use the new zoom feature. In general, it appears at the bottom-right of your screen in the task bar and gives you a couple options if you stumble on an application that looks like crap. I think it’s a nice touch, but nowhere near as valuable as SD Card support.

Purchase Micro SD Cards from Amazon (HERE)

Micro SD Space holder before Xoom update HTJ85B

Micro SD Space Holder now Obsolete

Many Xoom owners have been patiently awaiting this update including myself.   I have a 32 GB model Wifi-Only Xoom, and although I still have plenty of GB Storage left, I have been holding off totally loading it with media.  Since I use both Google Music, and Amazon Cloud MP3, I previously I loaded only about  500 of my favorite mp3-songs.. But now my entire 18GB iTunes library is being moved, as well as a crapload of 700MB – 1GB awesome movies.   The only other consideration will be to add large rom files for Nintendo 64 and Playstation emulator apps that previously got de-prioritized.  Now I can fit more than Final Fantasy on my tablet!


  • The Micro SD Card slot is located on top of your Motorola Xoom, I simply used my fingernail to easily to pry open the SD Card slot .
  • Once you remove the storage casing, push down on the small Micro SD protective fake.  This will pop it up, remove the sucker.
  • Now put your shiny new 4,8,16,32, or 64 GB Micro SD card in.  Easy as that!
  • Re install the casing, go to your system settings, and marvel at all the new storage you have.
  • Load the storage with a butt-load of media files and enjoy the hell out of your Xoom Tablet running Honeycomb 3.2


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